Welcome to Divine Creatures, Willoughby

Luxury Cattery Offering Lavish Cat Boarding Holidays in Willoughby, Sydney

Welcome to Divine Creatures a Sydney cattery offering luxury boarding and a home away from home for your most loved furry feline family. Our cattery, is like no other, you can treat your at to a relaxing holiday in a range of spacious private suites. Relax and enjoy your own holiday with the peace of mind that your cat is safe, loved and enjoying their holiday just as much as you!

Our state of the art 6 star cat boarding facility has been designed, created and operated by veterinary professionals and is unlike any cattery you have seen before. We offer a range of affordable cat accommodation and we can accommodate multi-cat families as well as long term boarders. Features include 24/7 climate control, video surveillance and a custom designed ventilation system that ensures there is no spread of airborne disease (as well as eliminating smells and stress).

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