Welcome to Divine Creatures

Luxury Cattery Offering Lavish Cat Boarding Holidays

Welcome to Divine Creatures, we are a Sydney cattery offering luxury boarding and a home away from home for your most loved furry feline family. A cattery like no other, you can treat your at to a relaxing holiday in a range of spacious private suites. Relax and enjoy your own holiday with the peace of mind that your cat is safe, loved and enjoying their holiday just as much as you!

Our state of the art 6 star cat boarding has been designed, created and operated by veterinary professionals and is unlike any cattery you have seen before. We offer a range of affordable cat accommodation and we can accommodate multi-cat families as well as long term boarders. With qualified Veterinary Nurses on duty, you can be assured we give unrivalled levels of care, comfort and security. Features include 24/7 climate control, video surveillance and a custom designed ventilation system that ensures there is no spread of airborne disease (as well as eliminating smells and stress).

Operated by a leader in the Pet Boarding Sector – in 2020 Jules dos Santos was recognised for her excellence standards in Cat Boarding by the Pet Industry Association and was appointed as the Director for Boarding and Pet Care Services for the Pet Industry Association. She hopes to use her term in the Association to raise the standards of pet boarding and pet care services across Australia.

Our Services

Luxury Cat Boarding

Established in 2010, Divine Creatures was the original Sydney luxury cat boarding with unique rooms and jungle gym. Voted the best cat boarding facility for outstanding cat care.

Boutique Pet Shop

Divine Creatures also offer a deluxe pet boutique. We have carefully chosen toys to ensure they are safe, affordable and will enrich the lives of your companion friend.

Cat Psychology

Jules dos Santos obtained her Level 4 Diploma as a Cat Psychologist with distinctions and has successfully rehabilitated many troubled cats and restored many cat-owner relationships over the years.

Ninth Life Foundation

Ninth Life Foundation is set up to rescue and rehome cats whom are high care, aged, abandoned, death row or cats in need of a new home due to a change in circumstances.

Our Team