March 2014 – Elderly Cats

Great tips on how to care for your aging older cat.

Just like an older car, aging cats need more maintenance to keep them in good running order. It’s a great idea to start a file on your computer or buy an exercise book to keep track of changes. Things to note:

  1. Weight – when you live with a cat, dog or human(!) and see them every day, we don’t always notice gradual weight changes….. [Click “Read more” button below to read full newsletter]
  2. Diet – it is important to put your cat on an Senior cat diet from 8 years onwards….
  3. Water – is your cat drinking more or less water than usual? ….
  4. Fussy Eating – if Puss’s eating habits change this should be noted….
  5. Movement – is Puss moving around well or getting up slowly? ….
  6. Litter box – any changes? ….

With a little effort, we can give your beloved cat a very happy retirement years and very importantly find any changes early, treat what can be treated and if your cat suffers from a disease, we can make sure we keep Puss pain free and as happy as possible for as possible as humanly possible

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April 2014 – Helping cats settle into Boarding

Easter Dangers and helping cats settle into Cat Boarding

Caution – lets keep our pets safe this Easter

Chocolate – is very poisonous to dogs and cats.

Easter Lillies – every part of these plants are poisonous to cats and causes renal (kidney) failure.

Packing – lots of easter baskets have cellophane string like strips.

First time in going to a Cattery? One of the keys to a good cat hotel holiday is knowing our cats are safe, well cared for and happy. There are things you can do that help the transition from home to holiday cattery home

  1. Preparation – get your vaccinations, de-worming and flea prevention up to date…
  2. Secure travel – cats should always be moved in a secure cat carry cage….
  3. Relax! Your cat can feel your tension! …..[Click “Read more” button below to read full newsletter]
  4. Something from home …
  5. Diet – it is best to keep your cat on the same or familiar foods….
  6. Litter box ….

With years of collective experience, Divine Creatures have some very effective ways of making your cat’s holiday stress free. Here are a few examples which makes us a cut above the rest:

  1. The first of its kind, state of the art, custom engineered ventilation system ….
  2. Feliway happy pheromone infused in the ventilation system ….
  3. Full time cat sitters …[Click “Read more” button below to read full newsletter]….
  4. Individual play time with our cat sitters offering more TLC….
  5. Litter trays checked every hour ….
  6. Cat music & No Dogs on the premises …..

These are just a few points of differences between us and other boarding facilities. It is recommend that you visit the boarding facility, assess the facility with your own eyes and use logical common sense e.g. if they require an appointment – they have something to hide!

Wish us luck – Divine Creatures has reached the Finals for the Business Champions Awards and the awards night is on tonight! – 5th April (View finalists). The winner is awarded for the best in their industry with Divine Creatures being under the Pet Industry Award (This includes Veterinarians and other Boarding facilities). It’s a huge honour to get to this stage and it’s fabulous to see all the hard work of our dedicated staff being recognised.

Easter is a very busy time for Divine creatures. Apparently it’s the time of year when the most people leave Sydney for holidays. We want all our kitties to be happy, so we have included some tip below on how you can help smooth the transition from home to holiday for you cat and we thought you may be interested in what