Great tips on how to care for your aging older cat.

Just like an older car, aging cats need more maintenance to keep them in good running order. It’s a great idea to start a file on your computer or buy an exercise book to keep track of changes. Things to note:

  1. Weight – when you live with a cat, dog or human(!) and see them every day, we don’t always notice gradual weight changes….. [Click “Read more” button below to read full newsletter]
  2. Diet – it is important to put your cat on an Senior cat diet from 8 years onwards….
  3. Water – is your cat drinking more or less water than usual? ….
  4. Fussy Eating – if Puss’s eating habits change this should be noted….
  5. Movement – is Puss moving around well or getting up slowly? ….
  6. Litter box – any changes? ….

With a little effort, we can give your beloved cat a very happy retirement years and very importantly find any changes early, treat what can be treated and if your cat suffers from a disease, we can make sure we keep Puss pain free and as happy as possible for as possible as humanly possible

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