July 2014 – Skin Problems in Cats

Questions Answered about Skin Problems in Cats

The cats skin is a fairly amazing part of their body – it makes hair, has specialised parts like whiskers, produces waxes to keep their hair healthy, helps regulate their temperature, and can change hair position to make them look bigger in a fight. Such a special organ can also get some very special problems and skin problems in cats are quite common and varied.

Abscesses – Cats that meet other cats often fight, this is normal cat behavior. In the wild, they are not pack animals and defend their territory defensively.

Ringworm – Ringworm is NOT a worm/parasite infection. It is a fungal disease that often causes circular lesions that expand outwards. Ringworm is more common in kittens, especially sick ones, and in long haired breeds.

Allergies – Cats do get allergies and just like people, can get allergic dermatitis. Some cats will be allergic to fleas, plants, pollen’s, wool, and even foods. Allergies can develop as cats get older and can become more serious as they age.

My recommendations to people with allergic pets are:

  1. Flea control – this must be year round and effective…..
  2. Diary – keep a diary of when your cat has skin problems, what is happening in their life and what they are eating.
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids can be added to the cats diet.
  4. There are skin specialists for cats and dogs – do not be afraid to ask your vet for a referral.

NB. Flea allergies are incredibly common. You will not see fleas on most flea allergic animals because they will eat the fleas when grooming. One flea bite every 2 weeks is enough to cause a problem in these pets.

Overgrooming – After a cat has been nervous, they will groom themselves. This makes them calm. For some cats this becomes excessive and they “overgroom”. Often these cats have bald bellies or flanks or sometimes forelegs

Cancers – Skin cancers are common and vary in size, appearance and location. Cancers will not always look nasty initially.

Dandruff – Cats, like people, can get dandruff. A little dandruff can be acceptable.

Shedding and Knots – As vets, we are often asked what we can give to stop hair falling out.

  1. Stay on top of brushing! ……
  2. Slicker brushes are fabulous. ….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  3. Combs should be used for long haired cats. These also brush right down to skin level to remove dead fur.
  4. Stay away from products like furminator and rubber mits. These products cut the coat and only skim the surface.
  5. Conditioner –

Divine Creatures in local and National Newspapers

Divine Creatures in Daily Telegraph

Divine Creatures cat hotel shows the real way top pamper spoiled cats


Oscar relaxing on the beach in Fiji at Divine Creatures luxury cat hotel in Willoughby. Picture: Adam Taylor Source: The Daily Telegraph

Established less than three years ago by former veterinary nurse Jules Dos Santos, Divine Creatures has already branched out into two catteries at 52 Frenchs Road, Willoughby Sydney.

“I wanted a ‘cat hotel’ to put my cat while I was on holiday and there was nowhere,” Ms Dos Santos said. And so the idea for a cat hotel – with a difference – was born.

Divine Creatures luxury cat hotel

With room themes ranging from Fijian to Oriental to Parisian, even the most finicky of felines will likely find an ambience they adore.

“We have found a lot of owners reporting the cats are a lot happier and social when they get back home, this relaxes them,” Ms Dos Santos said. “Especially The Ritz room, that seems to be the most popular and soothing.” The Ritz – available for $75 a night – is described on the hotel’s website as having: “Beautiful, tranquil and relaxing decor with window views.”

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Divine Creatures in North Shore Times

Telstra business finalist is purr-fect

Divine Creatures Luxury Cat Hotel at Willoughby offers different themes in their cat rooms. Pictured is Julie Dos Santos with Mojo the cat in the Paris room. Picture: DAVE SWIFT Source: NewsLocal

CHARLIE walks past a statue of the Eiffel Tower in his Paris-themed hotel room complete with three levels, French wash furniture, ensuite and floor-to-ceiling print of the Eiffel Tower at sunset.

Aged three, Charlie is a Russian Blue cat who recently stayed at luxury “cat hotel” Divine Creatures in Willoughby, where for between $28.50 and $100 a day, cats stay while their owners go on holiday.

The cattery’s most expensive and largest room, called the Penthouse Lounge, has a floor-to-ceiling window, fireplace, large screen TV, two human-sized lounges and personal butler service.

“It’s the most luxurious,” said cattery co-owner Ms Dos Santos. “We literally offer a butler service for that room. “They are the first to get cleaned out and when they meow we come running.” Rooms have holiday themes including Paris, Fiji, New York,and Greece.

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Divine Creatures in North Shore Times

Divine Creatures luxury cat hotel cattery named Telstra Business Award finalist in the micro business category for the second