February 2015 – Basics of preventive health

February Newsletter – Basics of preventive health

Be sure to be watching Better Homes and Gardens on the 27th February!
Yes Divine Creatures will be FEATURED, yes featured on Dr Harry’s segment on Better Homes and Gardens with the piece talking about how to choose a good Cattery.

Our Cat Protection Society’s Cat Adoption center is going very well. All three girls featured in our previous newsletter found a home. The next three girls unfortunately did not find a home although we are confident they will find a home quickly back at the Cat Protection Society

These two adorable souls are currently up for adoption

Their playful personalities and smoochie nature will be sure to capture anyone’s heart.

If you can not adopt one of our kittens there are many other ways you can help.
1) From Divine Creatures facebook page, please share the the kittens for adoption posts onto your facebook. I know it might start to look like you are spamming but this is a great way option to reach a bigger network of caring people and get these kittens their forever homes.
Change the balance of cruelty, many of these kittens are dumped in boxes and left at the CPS or on the road, by sharing these posts you are trying to make a difference, trying to reach out and find a forever loving home rather than doing nothing.
2) Donate to the Cat Protection Society. Even if it a small amount, the key is continuity. Just $10 per month can be milk for a litter of kittens, every little bit helps.
3) If you can, donate to several organizations. The smaller charities often struggle to get funding. A good friend of mine runs “Little Paws Orphan Rescue” and rescues kittens. These small organizations can always do with cash donations or donations in form of old toys, bedding or premium food.
4) Volunteer at a shelter – There are hundreds of local pounds and shelters who would love some valuable help. This can be grubby heartbreaking work but can also be incredibly rewarding. Even becoming a wildlife carer is wonderfully rewarding.
5) Speak up and spread the word about rescue as opposed to purchasing. Doing this MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Making the difference starts with you, make the pledge to always rescue and not purchase and then spread the word to your friends that they can save lives too.
If everyone changed their mind about rescuing as opposed to purchasing … 250,000 cats and dogs would be saved each and every year. Huge numbers. This is the number one thing that would make a difference – let’s

Janaury 2015 – New year, new beginnings – how cats deal with change

Hello Pet Parents,

Happy New Year! Gosh 2015 already and the new year has brought such joy as we have had our very first adoption!

Two of our three adorable kittens sisters found a wonderful forever home together on Saturday 10th.

Now we just need to find a home for the remaining gorgeous girl. She is the one on the left waving her paw!

Please spread the word by clicking the image and sharing the post on your Facebook page.

Some of you may have seen on Facebook our other two kittens Calvin and Callie. They were returned to Cat Protection Society last Tuesday and were also adopted on Sunday by a lovely couple.

Our Charity day on the 6th December was a real hit this year! We raised a lot of money from the Cat Raffle for Cat Protection Society and a smaller amount from the dog raffle for Oscars Law.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the following winners:

Cat Raffles: 1st Prize: Ann Brockbank, 2nd Prize: Catherine Mason, 3rd Prize Justine Morton

Dog Raffles: 1st Prize: Francoise, 2nd Prize Vicky Cricy


Prize winners:

A huge THANK YOU to our suppliers whose donations were incredibly generous:

Pet Pacific, MasterPet, Cenvet, Rogue Rogality, and Doog

The generosity this year was overwhelming. So many of people over the month purchased and donated to the Christmas Wish Tree or offered their prizes to the wishing tree. Each month Divine Creatures donates to 5 different charities and it is beautiful to see the charitably in others as well 🙂

Bree has had a promotion! Bree is now the General Manager ensuring customer service is kept to a level of excellence,  coordinating all the bookings and Bree coordinates daily check ins and check outs . Jules hasn’t gone anywhere! She is still at Divine Creatures every day, ensuring the guests are also kept at a level of excellence and over-sees the day-to-day cat hotel and pet shop operations.

Now with the expansion, it certainly takes a large amount time coordinating check ins and check outs for 52 rooms. At times we only have a couple of hours to turn a room around in preparation for the next admission, therefore we just ask for you to run on time for your prearranged check in or check out time. If you are running late, please call us so that we can organize around the plans for the day and not disadvantage the next guest scheduled into that room.

We also only have Condo’s left for Christmas next year! We do try to provide ample notice in these newsletters regarding availability so please try

December 2014 – Avoiding Christmas Dangers

Hello Pet Parents,

Another wonderful month at Divine Creatures with Channel 7 News filming us for a segment about how much we love our pets.
View it here if you missed it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W0YnZhZ_xk
Divine Creatures is the example of how much we love our pets, both clients and staff alike. Every day we answer calls from worried first time away pet parents. This is exactly how Divine Creatures started and it has been a mission to ensure you and your cats have a peaceful and relaxing holiday because we understand first hand how important that is.

As we come to the end of 2014 we thank you for your loyalty to us, for voting for us and your absolutely beautiful testimonials. We are also very thankful for all the media attention and proud to be recognized as the best!  (Dr harry coming soon!)

It’s going to be a busy month ahead which kicks off on the 6th December:

Pop in and visit us on the 6th and you may win an on the spot prize! Although if you can’t make it, you can enter the raffle anytime. The raffle will be drawn on the 24th December.

We are looking forward to our new Cat Adoption Center and proud to be partners with Cat Protection Society. They do amazing work at C.P.S. You can also help support them by donating or better still, setting up a small regular monthly donation. Also spread the word! If your friends are looking for a cat, let them know about us! Together we can save lives.

Please stay safe this Christmas and New Years. Below is a valuable article on how to stay safe this Christmas and avoid a trip to the Vets. Remember common sense prevails and its always better to be cautious and safe than sorry.

Wishing you all a very lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

Click here to read full article on avoiding Christmas dangers:

Christmas – let’s make sure it’s a time of good will not vet bills!

While many rejoice at the idea of Christmas and well earnt holidays, for vets the Christmas period is often our busiest time of the year. Fortunately for most careful pet owners, the vast majority of Christmas admissions to vet hospitals could be avoided.

Chocolate poisoning: many people put chocolates wrapped under the Christmas tree or under beds. This is no challenge for dogs with their sensitive noses. Chocolate is poisonous to animals and causes vomiting, diarrhoea, fast heart rates, tremors, seizures and can cause death. Put chocolates up high or

November 2014 – Is your home safe for your pet?

Hello Pet Parents,

Another month of very very exciting news! On 15th October we had Dr Harry Cooper from Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens film a segment on “How to choose a good cattery, what to look out for and how to prepare your cat for boarding”.

We had a fantastic day filming for 8 hours. Dr Harry and the film crew raved about our cat hotel and we are so grateful for their interest in Divine Creatures. It was a remarkable and exciting day for us, and we hope that many will learn what to look out for when choosing a cattery.
Choosing a “home away from home” is a topic that Jules is particularly passionate about as too often Jules has seen sub-minimal standards in boarding catteries. Cats are very sensitive to environmental conditions. To ensure every cat was cared for and loved to the highest degree as well as ensured every aspect of safety was covered is why Divine Creatures was created.

Its hard to believe that it is Divine Creatures’ fourth birthday on the 4th December! Four years have gone incredibly fast. Please join us for our Charity Day while celebrating our grand opening of The Cat Adoption Program and Divine Creatures’ 4th Birthday on Saturday 6th December 2014. 10% of profit made on the day will be donated to Cat Protection Society plus there will be our HUGE store wide sale!  Gifts, giveaways, prizes and much more on the day!
A few of our guests over the years

The Local Business Awards is coming up on the 7th November and much to Jules’ surprise, she has also reached the finals for Business Person of the Year Award. We are now up for two awards the other being Outstanding Pet Care.

Wishing you a happy November month -please keep your pets safe as the temperature rises and we hope to see you on 6th December!

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

Click here to read full article on: Is your home Pet Safe?

How Pet Safe is Your Home?

Unfortunately a high percentage of emergency pet cases are the end result of avoidable accidents. It is always a good idea to look at our homes and critically ask if we are making them as safe as possible. Let’s check room by room:


Kitchens can contain some serious dangers for our pets.
All the cleaning chemicals that we tend to keep under the kitchen sink can be potentially poisonous to our pets, be they cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, rabbits, etc. Make sure they are safely locked up.

Teflon pans are brilliant – but leaving a Teflon pan on the heat can

October 2014 – Can I Give My Cat My Human Medicine?

Hello Pet Parents,

Exciting news just keeps pouring in! We will be joining forces with the Cat Protection Society (CPS) in November with Divine Creatures being CPS’s  first partnership! This will mean that Divine Creatures will be adopting out CPS’s cats and kittens, with our cat adoption area being built by November. We are so excited about our new partnership as rescue is a passion Jules has had for many years. We hope you will join our mission and help save hundreds of lives. Next month we will let you know how you can help!

We have a new member to our growing team of cat carers! Silviana has had vast experience in the cat caring industry and has worked in several catteries in Australia. She is currently studying veterinary nursing having an enormous passion for cats and their well being.

A huge thank you to all who voted for us in the Local Business Awards! We reached the finals all thanks to your support! From here the judges will assess the business with the awards night being held on the 7th November so fingers crossed!

Ellie and Boo FOUND A HOME!! Thanks to you spreading the word we found Ellie and Boo a fantastic home to a loving family. They have settled in very well to their new home, such a beautiful end to a desperate story.

Thank you to Sarah and Antony for adopting these adorable girls. They are blessed to have found a beautiful new home!

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

Click here to read full article on Dangers with cats and human medication

Can I Give My Cat My Human Medicine?

NO! Cats are not small people. They are amazingly unique and have their own special way of processing drugs. Simple medicines that seems harmless to us can quickly kill a cat or make them life threatening ill. The harmful drugs in this article are just an example. Often people think they may try their own medicines to save paying for a veterinary consultation. I can guarantee that poisoning your cat with human medicines will cost plenty more than that trip to the vets.

Panadol. Tiny doses of Panadol can cause cat’s bodies to not transport oxygen from their lungs to the blood so it can keep the body alive. This is probably one of the most dreadful ways for a cat to die. It can be treated if we get puss early but the treatment is expensive and doesn’t always work. A very sad case I once saw, was a poor cat that had a sore foot from being in a cat fight. The owners didn’t want to pay for the trip to the vets but