Hello Pet Parents,

Another month of very very exciting news! On 15th October we had Dr Harry Cooper from Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens film a segment on “How to choose a good cattery, what to look out for and how to prepare your cat for boarding”.

We had a fantastic day filming for 8 hours. Dr Harry and the film crew raved about our cat hotel and we are so grateful for their interest in Divine Creatures. It was a remarkable and exciting day for us, and we hope that many will learn what to look out for when choosing a cattery.
Choosing a “home away from home” is a topic that Jules is particularly passionate about as too often Jules has seen sub-minimal standards in boarding catteries. Cats are very sensitive to environmental conditions. To ensure every cat was cared for and loved to the highest degree as well as ensured every aspect of safety was covered is why Divine Creatures was created.

Its hard to believe that it is Divine Creatures’ fourth birthday on the 4th December! Four years have gone incredibly fast. Please join us for our Charity Day while celebrating our grand opening of The Cat Adoption Program and Divine Creatures’ 4th Birthday on Saturday 6th December 2014. 10% of profit made on the day will be donated to Cat Protection Society plus there will be our HUGE store wide sale!  Gifts, giveaways, prizes and much more on the day!
A few of our guests over the years

The Local Business Awards is coming up on the 7th November and much to Jules’ surprise, she has also reached the finals for Business Person of the Year Award. We are now up for two awards the other being Outstanding Pet Care.

Wishing you a happy November month -please keep your pets safe as the temperature rises and we hope to see you on 6th December!

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

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How Pet Safe is Your Home?

Unfortunately a high percentage of emergency pet cases are the end result of avoidable accidents. It is always a good idea to look at our homes and critically ask if we are making them as safe as possible. Let’s check room by room:


Kitchens can contain some serious dangers for our pets.
All the cleaning chemicals that we tend to keep under the kitchen sink can be potentially poisonous to our pets, be they cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, rabbits, etc. Make sure they are safely locked up.

Teflon pans are brilliant – but leaving a Teflon pan on the heat can cause the Teflon to burn. While we aren’t sensitive to the gas produced, it can kill birds.
Foods. Some foods are not safe for our pets. This list is not comprehensive. Avocados and tomatoes are poisonous to birds. Chocolate, coffee, fatty foods and cooked bones often cause problems for dogs. Cats are generally more sensible but not always.
Garbage. Rotten garbage can be very attractive especially to dogs. This can cause serious problems such as seizures, liver disease and gastroenteritis and can be fatal. Garbage foreign bodies such as cooked bones and corn cobs and chicken skewers are also very common. Garbage bins must be secure and products like “Stop” may help deter interest.


Cleaning products. Lots of cats like to drink out of showers and sinks. If you use bleach products to clean bathrooms, you need to rinse thoroughly and keep cats out of the bathroom until all the bleach is removed. Otherwise cats can end up with chemical burns in their mouth and on their feet.

Bathroom Garbage. As disgusting as it is, dogs can find used sanitary products in the bathroom garbage quite irresistible. Some products can get lodged in a dog’s intestine and need surgery to remove.

Medications. If in doubt, assume all human medications are poisonous and keep them securely away from your pets.


Bedrooms are relatively low risk areas until Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately at these times of year we decide to hide presents under the bed. Chocolates hidden under the bed are no challenge for dogs with their sensitive noses.
Clothing left on the floor can again seem delicious to dogs – many dogs think stockings and undies are great to eat. My cat, Brutus, eats undies, socks, towels, shopping bags and just about anything he can get his paws on. If you have a cat with “pica” (eating inappropriate substances) you need to be a very vigilant owner. Products like “Stop Chew Spray” and “No Scratch Spray” may help deter interest especially with electrical cords.

Lounge Room

Toys and flowers are probably the biggest risks in the lounge room. Toys like batteries and lego are easy for dogs to swallow. Christmas tree decorations are terrible. Tinsel is great fun for cats to play with and sometimes chew on – as vets we call this “tinselitis”- a nasty condition where the tinsel rips holes in the cat’s intestine. Christmas lights when chewed could cause electrocution.
Cut flowers such as lilies can be poisonous. Every part of lillies is toxic to cats and causes kidney failure. Dropped petals that your cat may play with or pollen that your cat may walk though then wash with their tongue can be fatal.
Sewing equipment is very interesting to curious cats. They may start with playing with the cotton but can end up swallowing needles and the cotton which will end up needing surgical removal. “Sticky Paws” may help prevent cats interest.


Many pets are put in the garage to keep them safe and contained but garages can be a treasure trove of disasters.
Stored furniture and boxes can be heavy and when bumped into could land on your pet. A very sad case I was involved with occurred when a pool table was leaned against a wall. The dog bumped into the table, it fell over and the dog was crushed.
Many people store poisons such as rat baits, snail baits, insecticides, fertilisers and cleaners in the garage. Often on shelves that are all too easy to access.
We also store hobby equipment in our garages. Fish hooks still smell fishy and are a common foreign body in dogs and occasionally in cats.


Many garden plants found in Australia can be poisonous to our pets – problems caused can vary from rashes, vomiting and diarrhoea, seizures and even death. There is a fabulous book called “Poisonous 2 Pets” by Nicole O’Kane that shows pictures of all the problem plants and what they cause. I love this book – it’s a must have!
Playing with sticks sometimes results with dogs having sticks caught across the bridge of their mouth, skewered into their tongue or stuck in their digestive tract.
Ticks, snakes, Bees and wasps can all potentially harm your cats and dogs.
Misadventure is common in that the garden. Mower accidents when dogs chase mowers are not uncommon. I’ve even seen a dog get struck with an axe across the skull when the owner was wood chopping. Amazingly Goldie the dog made an amazing recovery (her brain was visible when she came into the hospital).

Get down low and have a good look at what mischief your pet can get into. Stay safe, even at home!

Dr Katie

Scorpio    24 October – 21 November

Totally extroverted describes the Scorpio cat. They are personality plus cats with endless energy and a love of life. They will be everyone’s friend, even the pet pooch. Where ever there is action going on in the household this is where you will find the Scorpio cat. These cats can even convince cat haters to change their opinions about cats. A true family member. Never confine these cats, they have a free spirit.

Compatible Owners: Everyone
Favourite Food: Rump Steak
Best Attribute: Personality Plus
Worst Attribute: Can be naughty at times

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