Hello Pet Parents,

Exciting news just keeps pouring in! We will be joining forces with the Cat Protection Society (CPS) in November with Divine Creatures being CPS’s  first partnership! This will mean that Divine Creatures will be adopting out CPS’s cats and kittens, with our cat adoption area being built by November. We are so excited about our new partnership as rescue is a passion Jules has had for many years. We hope you will join our mission and help save hundreds of lives. Next month we will let you know how you can help!

We have a new member to our growing team of cat carers! Silviana has had vast experience in the cat caring industry and has worked in several catteries in Australia. She is currently studying veterinary nursing having an enormous passion for cats and their well being.

A huge thank you to all who voted for us in the Local Business Awards! We reached the finals all thanks to your support! From here the judges will assess the business with the awards night being held on the 7th November so fingers crossed!

Ellie and Boo FOUND A HOME!! Thanks to you spreading the word we found Ellie and Boo a fantastic home to a loving family. They have settled in very well to their new home, such a beautiful end to a desperate story.

Thank you to Sarah and Antony for adopting these adorable girls. They are blessed to have found a beautiful new home!

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

Click here to read full article on Dangers with cats and human medication

Can I Give My Cat My Human Medicine?

NO! Cats are not small people. They are amazingly unique and have their own special way of processing drugs. Simple medicines that seems harmless to us can quickly kill a cat or make them life threatening ill. The harmful drugs in this article are just an example. Often people think they may try their own medicines to save paying for a veterinary consultation. I can guarantee that poisoning your cat with human medicines will cost plenty more than that trip to the vets.

Panadol. Tiny doses of Panadol can cause cat’s bodies to not transport oxygen from their lungs to the blood so it can keep the body alive. This is probably one of the most dreadful ways for a cat to die. It can be treated if we get puss early but the treatment is expensive and doesn’t always work. A very sad case I once saw, was a poor cat that had a sore foot from being in a cat fight. The owners didn’t want to pay for the trip to the vets but the cat was obviously in pain. They gave the cat Panadol. Whilst well meaning, unfortunately this was a disaster of epic proportions (yes Puss did survive due to great vets, great vet nurses and the owner’s parents having a high credit card limit!)

Aspirin. Aspirin helps thin the blood in people. It does the same in cats but they are very sensitive. Tiny doses can cause a cat to bleed to death. Even small doses such as in Bongella teething gel, if not used correctly as prescribed by a vet, can cause life threatening bleeding.

Nurofen and other human pain killers – these can cause liver disease, kidney disease and stomach ulcers that can bleed and result in death.

Eye drops. These can seem very harmless but I have seen some simple eye problems turn into disasters. Some simple eye ulcers (surface scratches) can be turned into melting ulcers and eventually a ruptured (burst) eyeball. One cat was presented to me with neurological problems. Eventually we traced this back to the owner using human eye medicines.

In some cases, some human medicines will be suitable for cats although your vet will be able to accurately calculate the correct dose. These doses are calculated to the gram in body weight so you can imagine how a small error can cause a disastrous effect.

Dr Katie

Libra    23 September – 23 October

Libran cats are sociable cats. They get on well with people and other cats but not so well with dogs. They are very fond of their creature comforts and prefer to sleep on their owners chair and bed and don’t take kindly to being moved from these places. Libran cats crave attention and will form  long and lasting relationships with their owners and other cats in the family.

Compatible Owners: Scorpio, Capricorn
Favourite Food: Constantly varied diet
Best Attribute: Easy going nature
Worst Attribute: Will attack dogs

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