Hello Pet Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays and you were able to get some time off. Here at Divine Creatures we had our busiest day on record on the 2nd April with a whopping 28 admissions! Our highest admissions day on a single day. Much thanks to all our wonderful clients who organized the paperwork before arriving – the day went very smoothly and no one was kept waiting.
We currently still have a very full house with 62 cats holidaying in the resort and we have a waiting list for this upcoming weekend. Please remember to book in early during school holidays to avoid disappointment. It is definitely always worth while going on our waiting lists. Our waiting list does not work on a first on the list basis, but on a cancellation match basis. For example, if we have a cancellation between 24th December and 3rd January and you required those exact dates, you will receive first option to take the canceled room. Last year number 87 on the list got a place over Christmas!

Our last lot of kittens were with us for four weeks and unfortunately did not find a home. They are back at the Cat Protection Society where they will hopefully have a better chance at finding a home quickly. Thank you to all who shared their post and for all your wonderful efforts! We received a lot of phone calls, so sharing the posts are working at reaching people – please keep up the good work.

Our new kittens are just too cute! Luna and Ginny are two girls who can either go together or be homed individually.

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Jules & Dr Katie;
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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease – Cat urination problems

Cats are incredibly prone to problems with their lower urinary tract or bladder and for male cats, their penis. These problems can range from life threatening blockages of the penis to cats that have accidents that drive owners insane.

Signs of feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTd normally start with a cat that urinates more often than normal, often in smaller amounts and often in abnormal spots. They may strain to pee. These cats have inflamed bladders so when their bladder gets urine from the kidneys, they need to pee ASAP. They can’t always get to their litter trays. Because the bladder is inflamed you may notice some blood in the urine or a different colour. The increased cells, protein and possibly crystals that can form in the bladder can normally be expelled through a girl cat’s short urethra. Boy cats have plumbing that is far easier to block. Their penis can be blocked by this debris and then they can’t urinate. This is very painful. Cats often vocalise, get in and out of the litter box and lick around their penis. Some cats will vomit, others may strain and look constipated. At this point they can no longer get rid of toxins and can not regulate important salt levels in their bodies. This can be life threatening and if left untreated, cats can die.

The reason for these problems are numerous rather than one simple cause.
Food – Cats that eat more dry food will have more concentrated urine and are more likely to get FLUTd. Cheaper dry foods are generally worse, as the premium dry food manufacturers such as  Hills Science Diet and IAMs and Royal Canin have formulated their foods to minimise this problem. Cats that eat a premium canned food generally get more water in their diet (because the food is wetter), have more dilute urine and urinate more. They are less likely to get FLUTd, however only feeding wet food can lead to other complications such as dental disease.
Stress- Stressed cats are more likely to get FLUTd. What stresses a cat may not be obvious to us owners. Some examples are:
Wet, very cold or hot weather where cats may not urinate outside  as happily.
In houses with 3 or more cats, there is an incredibly high chance that one or more cats will have FLUTd. Having a new cat move into the neighbourhood can also be very stressful.
Having houseguests, a new baby, going on holidays or changing work hours can stress some cats.
Kitty Litter  – Some cats have favourite kitty litter substrates. Changing the litter type may discourage them from urinating and cause problems. Crystal litters seem like a good idea for owners because they need less frequent changing. However cats have a strong sense of smell and unchanged litter is offensive to them and again may stop them from urinating. Similarly, deodorising litter trays with powders and sprays can be very off putting to cats. Any type of kitty litter that is not changed regularly is offensive to cats. Even the location of litter trays is important. Cats will only use their tray if it is in a convenient and safe location. For example you can not expect a cat to feel happy urinating if their litter tray is next to a laundry door with dogs trying to snap at them through a screen door. In multi-cat households there should be a litter box for each individual plus a spare (eg. 3 cats need 4 litter boxes).

Just like the causes are numerous and variable, so are the solutions. Your cat needs veterinary attention as they need treating and monitoring. However there is a lot you can do to ensure treatment works and to prevent recurrence.
Feed good quality food – it is cheaper to feed premium food and have a healthy cat than save some money on food and need to see your vet regularly.
Decrease stresses that are obvious. Don’t let kids hassle the cat. Make sure cats are well cared for when you are on holidays. Don’t expect indoor cats to live outdoors when you have a new baby or partner.
Clean your litter box at least every 2 days, we recommend daily. Get them the litter they like – paper pellets keep most cats happy. Keep the litter box somewhere that suits your cat. Have multiple litter boxes.
Water is essential. There are ways to encourage cats to drink more. Have several water bowls in handy locations. Some cats like moving water and water fountains are a great idea. For cats that prefer to drink out of showers make sure you leave some water on the tiles and be careful not to expose your cat to bleach and other nasty shower cleaners.
And remember cats are not people. Human treatments for cystitis will not work and can actually compound the problem. Even supplements like cranberries can make FLUTd in cats much worse.

Year of Rooster

22nd January 1993 – 2nd September 1994
02nd Feb 2005 – 28th January 2006

Cats born in the year of the Rooster

  • Cats born in the year of the Rooster
  • The rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity.
  • They are deep thinkers making them intelligent and bright.
  • They are considered to be communicative and vocal cats, ambitious and warm-hearted.
  • Roosters are independent – more so than most cats and seldom rely on others.
  • They have a quick hot temper and like to be busy.
  • Being independent cats they have difficulty relating with others.
  • Being hot tempered, their emotions can swing from very high to very low.

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Fung Shui water fountain

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