Our Loved Ones, Our Pets and COVID

Dear Pawrents,

Can you believe that we are already at the very embryonic phase of emerging from isolation and I am sure you would all agree that it certainly draws mixed emotions. For those of you who have been at home, I have written a little article on how to keep your cats entertained while you continue to work from home and keep them stimulated when you eventually transition back to work. While you transition back to normal, or not, I am offering a 50% discount to all newsletter recipients should you require my Cat Psychology service (offer expires 15th July)

A big thank you to the Divine Creatures team who have been working very hard along side me to build up side business of Divine Creatures. Kate is my right hand! She has done an amazing job assisting me with Pet Shop sale, she has produced some incredibly good and professional social media videos as well as assisting with business administration. Briony has focusing on the warm night appeal; admin and social media, Kristian has been caring for our Cat Protection society cats and Lisa and Priscilla have been assisting with social media and building the online shop. What a fantastic team! And a BIG congratulations to Briony who obtained her certificate in Veterinary Nursing!

If you recall in the last newsletter, I introduced the Divine Creatures Crisis Support Program during and after COVID. Please remember to talk to your family members about your wishes should you fall sick and require emergency care and assistance. I am now extending the Support Program to offer a 30% discount which covers emergency boarding for all crisis situations including owners undergoing cancer treatment, hospitalization, emergency workers, victims of domestic violence, housing emergencies such as floods and fire.  Please email me if you require emergency support, myself and all my team are here to help. Verification of your situation needs to be demonstrated to qualify for the discounted boarding, please feel comforted in knowing that all of my staff practice strict confidentiality with regards to our clients. This offer is extended past the Divine Creatures database to anyone who requires emergency boarding, so if you know of anyone, a friend or family member who is in trouble – please forward this email to them. Please direct crisis support enquiries to: crisis_support@divinecreatures.com.au

With no end in sight for the travel bans, Divine Creatures continues to suffer a catastrophic downturn in response to the Pandemic. Your support has been overwhelming. It is incredibly warming to have received the love and messages of support during this horrendous time. A beautiful client started a Go Fund Me page which has given Divine Creatures a much needed lifeline while I wait for government assistance. I had over 60 donations, some were incredibly generous amounts and even the smaller donations have added up to an overwhelming amount, I cannot thank each and every one of you who have donated. Those of you who have donated – I will not forget your kindness and I thank you for being a part of the Divine Creatures family.

With a virtually empty hotel, we managed to find a silver lining and I decided to open up the hotel to Shelter cats in need. Currently we have 6 adult cats and 11 kittens from the Cat Protection Society and I am working with other local pounds and shelters to fill the rest of the condos to cats who ‘need’ the extra care, warmth and attention that some shelters cannot offer.
These cats need you! I have started a wonderful cause called the Warm Night Appeal, this will help me get these shelter cats out of cages in pounds and have a little luxury at Divine Creatures. Donations made to the appeal will assist me to pay for their housing, food, toys, enrichment, amenities etc.

Please join in on the appeal and purchase a night or two, or a week or two for a shelter cat. Your kindness will be a purchase (not a donation) which will allow me to close the financial gap for their care. You will receive a laminated certificate of appreciation or may wish to purchase the accommodation as a gift for someone special, simply write your message in the notes section and we will add your personalized message to your nominated person on your gifted certificate of appreciation.
Some absolutely wonderful news is that in just 3 weeks, we have managed to find loving homes for 7 kittens and 1 adult cat! This is a fantastic response to the appeal and if you or any of your friends are looking for a furry friend or an addition to your furry family – reach out! Please contact us or Cat Protection Society to discuss adoption, if you are unsure if your cat would accept another cat and require some assistance in determining this, please give us a call! Kittens and Cats adopted through Divine Creatures will receive a 10% lifetime discount off boarding and 15% off all products on their first shop at Divine Creatures.

Please be assured that I will continue to honor the crisis support mentioned in my previous Newsletter.
We are here for you!

Purrs and Smooches from,
Cat Aunty Jules

PS: Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our services or just to have a good old fashion chat about our mutual love of animals!

Please Continue to Support Divine Creatures
– Your Local Small Business

Please help us keep our doors open! There are several ways to help and support us:

  1. Add credit to your account for future holidays at Divine Creatures – this will greatly assist with immediate cash flow relief. You may use your credit anytime in the future and it will ‘sit’ in your account for you to use are your leisure.
  2. Please purchase your supplies and food from the Divine Creatures Online or in store Pet Shop. Apart from food, all supplies are very competitively priced and often cheaper than the big chains. The big chains were on the news on Tuesday with a 50% increase in purchases.
  3. Join our Warm Night appeal and purchase a warm night for one of our shelter cats: Click here for Warm Night Appeal Or Purchase a Mothers Day warm night: Click here for Mothers Day Appeal
  4. You may wish to donate to the Go Fund Me Appeal.
  5. Tell your friends about our other services like Cat Grooming and Cat Psychology!

Click here for more information on Divine Creatures Gentle Care Cat grooming:

Click here for more information on Jules’s Cat Behaviour and Psychology:


Thank you for supporting Divine Creatures during this difficult time.

Jules’s Cat Tips: Boredom Busters

  1. 1) Creating a play, feed, groom routine. By creating this simple routine, you nurture your cat’s innate routines to play or hunt their prey, eating and then grooming themselves. These routines comfort your cats as well as prolonging their dining experience.
  2. 2) Spending at least 2 x 10 minute sessions with interactive play such as the Da Bird, flutter bug or the interactive door wand will aid to increase important mental stimulation for your cat. Think of it like an antidepressant for cats! Lack of mental enrichment is the number one cause for undesired behaviour problems in cats and dogs.
  3. 3) Feeding enrichment items such as the food maze & Kong treat balls prolong their feeding times. The food maze encourages foraging for food which will assist in bringing your cats natural hunting instincts back into their lives and creating enrichment!
  4. 4) Give them a window view – again for mental enrichment as well as comfort. Cats love to perch, bask in the sun and they also love to be up high. A window hammock ticks all these boxes and you will be one step closer to a happy, balanced cat!! They can enjoy their 16 hours of sleep and rest whilst watching those birds outside – keeping them entertained for hours!
  5. 5) Wood and paper – go back to basics and be creative! Give them an old box, paper bag or a scratching post – so simple! Cats need to scratch, it comforts your cat, satisfies their need to mark their home, condition their nails and of course, have a good old stretch!
  6. 6) TLC!! Dedicate a few 5-10 minute sessions with your cat every day to bond, pet, stroke, brush, love and nurture. This should only ever be on your cat’s request with the end goal to encourage purring.

Purring will soothe your soul too and add a huge enriching, loving experience between you and your cat ❤️😻❤️
Products mentioned in this post are all found on Divine Creatures Website https://divinecreatures.com.au/online-petshop/cats

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Divine Creatures Goes Pink!

Divine Creatures is joining in again on the National Breast Cancer Go Pink Campaign. While the business is significantly struggling to raise its own funds, this is a very important charitable cause and one we are proud to continue to support. This year, the National Breast Cancer Foundation used my own personal story for the campaign! My daughter and I were photographed in the NBCF studio and it was a privilege to be a part of this national campaign. It certainly was difficult to be so open and candid about my story however, it has such an important message that cancer does not discriminate and for people of all ages to check themselves regularly.

On the 18th June Divine Creatures and all of our staff will be dressing up in PINK! Please donate and support us on our mission for 0 deaths by 2030!

Click here to start shopping with Divine Creatures Pet Shop

The Perfect Gift – The Warm Night Appeal
What a perfect gift for any cat lover as well as supporting a wonderful cause. The Warm Night Appeal allows you to pay for one of our 6 Adult and 11 shelter kittens  to stay with loving and qualified cat aunties in a little bit of luxury at Divine Creatures Cat Hotel. and receive a certificate of appreciation with a photo of the rescue cat and the number of warm nights on you
[Please note: this is not a donation. This is a purchase to cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation at Divine Creatures as well as the care provided to each cat]


How about the Purfect Mothers Day Gift!

  • Your Mum will receive a ‘Warm Night for a Shelter Cat Appreciation Certificate’, from you, with a picture of one of our Adult shelter cats just in time for Mother’s Day
  • Certificates will be emailed for you to print at home just in time for Mothers Day!
  • Purchase a night or several in a Deluxe Condo valued $34, a New York Apartment Valued at $53 or a Bedroom Suite valued at $59

[Please note: this is not a donation. This is a purchase to cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation at Divine Creatures as well as the care provided to each cat]

The Food Maze

The food Maze is the smart way to feed your cat!

  • The cat moves the food (or treats) through the maze by pawing at it through the side openings until it drops down to the food tray.
  • The Food Maze appeals to your cat’s sense of touch and taste while encouraging mental and physical activity.


The Jumping Wand – every cat will love this toy!

  • Keeps your kitty happily entertained and out of trouble
  • Stimulates physical and mental activity for a happy and healthy pet
  • Alleviates stress and boredom and prevents unwanted destructive behaviour around the home
  • Satisfies your cat’s natural instincts to chase, bat, pounce, and play


Speed Circuit

  • Fast Fun Unique Way To Keep Your Cat Busy All Day and Night
  • Fun, fast toy with an assortment of motions, colours and sounds to stimulate your cat mentally and physically
  • Perfect way to keep your cat entertained and appeal to their natural hunting instincts
  • Peek-a-boo style track allows your cat to see, chase and bat the ball around the track


Its getting COLD!

  • Australian made product by Australian Owned family
  • Superior beds that are made to last – the Australian way!
  • These cute little beds is just for our smaller creatures including cats, dogs and rabbits.
  • The inner cushion is removed for easy cleaning.
  • As with all Choozy beds that have a foam content they have the ‘Ultra Fresh’ treatment.
  • This product is available in beautiful top quality fabrics
  • Fully machine washable!
  • More colours available in store


Cosy Cubby Range

    • Australian made product by Australian Owned family
    • Superior beds that are made to last – the Australian way!
    • These cute little beds is just for our smaller creatures including cats, dogs and rabbits.
    • The inner cushion is removed for easy cleaning.
    • As with all Choozy beds that have a foam content they have the ‘Ultra Fresh’ treatment.
    • This product is available in beautiful top quality fabrics
    • Fully machine washable!
    • More colours available in store