Divine Creatures Newsletter – Divine Creatures turns 10! December 2020

Dear Pawrents,

Ten years ago, on the 4th of December 2010 – we had our Grand Opening!!

To be honest, it is a little emotional for me to see Divine Creatures reach this milestone as so much has happened in those ten years!

As I took a trip down memory lane, it is amazing to look back at how not only did Divine Creatures start a wonderful success story, to this day it continues to reach new heights.
We reached the finals for the Telstra Business Awards for ‘Outstanding Start Up Business’ two years in a row, going on to continue to stay in the finals for many years in a row.
Last year, we won the Champion Business Awards!

Divine Creatures was heavily published in the media for many years in a row. We have been on Better Homes and Gardens, the Today Show, Sunrise, Seven News, featured in the Daily Telegraph, North Shore Times, 2GB, ABC radio & 2UE.
We were even featured in the top seven best pet hotels in the WORLD!!

It has been a tremendous honour over these last ten years to be recognized not only by my wonderful clients (with over 350 positive reviews across three different platforms!) but also, by my industry, where I was nominated and voted in to be the Director for the Pet Care Services and Boarding Industry for the Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA).
Under my Directorship for the PIAA, I have been working extremely hard to regulate the industry, with a heavy focus on updating the Codes of Practice for the Boarding Sector.
My goal is to ultimately raise the standards for the industry, I am very sad to say that to this day, I am continually horrified by hearing more and more stories of substandard facilities.
It truly does break my heart and change is hopefully coming soon.

Moving through the years and the evolution of Divine Creatures has been fast and absolutely non-stop! We doubled in capacity in 2014 and have been fully booked every school holidays since (even booking out most Christmas spots two years in advance!), of course that was until COVID hit. During this time when we were significantly impacted by the pandemic, our beautiful clients showed their incredible support for the survival of the business. Thank you will just never be a strong enough word to forever express my gratitude.

Some of you may have met my daughter, Skyler, who has been assisting with the very very difficult job of socializing and cuddling kittens! It is my priority to ensure that our kittens are well socialized and can integrate well into a household with or with

Divine Creatures Newsletter – November 2020

Divine Creatures Newsletter

Christmas is 7 weeks away!!

Dear Pawrents,


Finally the end of the year is closing in and i’m sure many would agree that we are happy to say goodbye to 2020.

I am continuously hearing stories of the trauma 2020 has caused to nearly every being on Earth, let alone Australia. Being the Boarding Director for the Pet Industry Association, I have learnt of the catastrophic impact COVID has had in Victoria. I have relentlessly tried to assist the Victorian members who own boarding facilities that have literally no clients due to stage 4 lock downs.

Many of you could also have family and friends in Victoria. If you do know someone who lives in Victoria and has a pet, please send them a little gift to brighten their day. They have really had it tough and a little gift would go a long way. Having pets during the stage 4 lock down (or any lock down for that matter) has played a crucial part in assisting many people cope and has positively impacted their mental health.

Last month we welcomed our newest staff member Rose! Rose comes to us with a wealth of experience booking human luxury holidays to Africa and she is very well informed to assist your cats checking in to our African Suite! Rose is the Divine Creatures Cat Hotel Concierge and can assist you and your furry family member with all your booking needs. Rose works Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and is a wonderful asset to Divine Creatures! Please ask for Rose when booking your cats in!

We are now nearing Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is only 7 weeks away? I hope this gives us all something to look forward to and lets see if the borders re-open or not. If not, connecting via gifts or Facetime with our interstate loved ones will bind us together over the festive season.

Divine Creatures has continued to be impacted by the border closure. Despite being very booked with short term weekend bookings, we are still significantly down in revenue due the lack of long term bookings. So again I reach out to our beautiful clients to help me rescue more older cats through our Warm Night Appeal. Starting the charity is still several months and several thousands of dollars away, however I can continue to rescue older cats from pounds and find them forever homes. So far I have spent over $7000 on veterinary fees, accommodation, food and health care. This would not be possible without your generous donation. Please continue your generosity and gift a warm night

Divine Creatures Twilight Sanctuary – July 2020

Divine CreaturesTwilight Sanctuary

Dear Pawrents,

What uncertain times we are facing and I am sure you would all agree … thank goodness for our pets! I believe that we can get through anything as long as our pets are wagging their tail or batting our face with their paw each morning, as well as patiently waiting for us when we return home from work. They are our constant company and the unconditional love that we love so much keeps us grounded and in control in a pandemic. I’m sure you would all agree that this pandemic has brought out the very best and very worst of human beings, but not our pets.
For most of our pets they are our constant, our normal, our consistent love and are unaware and unaffected by COVID. Some cats, however are struggling with the invasion of their space from working from home whereas some dogs may feel a little separation anxiety when we return to work. Whatever the situation, we know and are comforted by one fact: they unconditionally love us. They have no agenda, no objectives, no motivation from their love, but to be simply loved or cared for in return.

Talking of unconditional love, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible generosity shown to myself, the staff and the business. The unbelievable kindness you have shown is helping us keep our doors open and we are all so very thankful for the substantial amount of Warm Night purchases we received. Such a beautiful story of this community business being supported by community spirit. Thank you. I will never forget the generosity and love you have shown us.

Divine Creatures will continue to stay open, however the travel bans are continuing to prove a significantly financial burden to the business. We are a COVID safe business with a high degree of processes and procedures which are regularly updated based upon the latest NSW health advice.
Please ensure you help us keep open and stay safe.
We are asking for our clients to please pump their hands with sanitizer upon arriving at Divine Creatures, wear a mask and please understand our new requirements of retrieving your cat when you check out. With the increasing community transmission and hot spots popping up in local and tourist areas, we will need to continue these procedures until COVID numbers start to decline. Please be assured that this will only be temporary measure as long as we continue to work together!

Being the Boarding and Pet Services Director for the Pet Industry Association, I have been