Dear Pawrents,

Ten years ago, on the 4th of December 2010 – we had our Grand Opening!!

To be honest, it is a little emotional for me to see Divine Creatures reach this milestone as so much has happened in those ten years!

As I took a trip down memory lane, it is amazing to look back at how not only did Divine Creatures start a wonderful success story, to this day it continues to reach new heights.
We reached the finals for the Telstra Business Awards for ‘Outstanding Start Up Business’ two years in a row, going on to continue to stay in the finals for many years in a row.
Last year, we won the Champion Business Awards!

Divine Creatures was heavily published in the media for many years in a row. We have been on Better Homes and Gardens, the Today Show, Sunrise, Seven News, featured in the Daily Telegraph, North Shore Times, 2GB, ABC radio & 2UE.
We were even featured in the top seven best pet hotels in the WORLD!!

It has been a tremendous honour over these last ten years to be recognized not only by my wonderful clients (with over 350 positive reviews across three different platforms!) but also, by my industry, where I was nominated and voted in to be the Director for the Pet Care Services and Boarding Industry for the Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA).
Under my Directorship for the PIAA, I have been working extremely hard to regulate the industry, with a heavy focus on updating the Codes of Practice for the Boarding Sector.
My goal is to ultimately raise the standards for the industry, I am very sad to say that to this day, I am continually horrified by hearing more and more stories of substandard facilities.
It truly does break my heart and change is hopefully coming soon.

Moving through the years and the evolution of Divine Creatures has been fast and absolutely non-stop! We doubled in capacity in 2014 and have been fully booked every school holidays since (even booking out most Christmas spots two years in advance!), of course that was until COVID hit. During this time when we were significantly impacted by the pandemic, our beautiful clients showed their incredible support for the survival of the business. Thank you will just never be a strong enough word to forever express my gratitude.

Some of you may have met my daughter, Skyler, who has been assisting with the very very difficult job of socializing and cuddling kittens! It is my priority to ensure that our kittens are well socialized and can integrate well into a household with or with out young children. This socialization decreased the re-adoption rate and surrenders at pounds. All the staff are on schedules of every 2 hours to handle and socialize the kittens, which is one of the best parts of the jobs!!

Following my previous newsletter, I am so excited to announce that we have started the process to become an independent rescue group (which is a dream come true for me!) and so far, we have re-homed nearly 150 cats and kittens!!

I am one of those people who dream of one day having a big farm and rescuing everything possible (from cows to cats and everything in between!).
As fellow animal lovers, I have a feeling that many of you would dream the same and perhaps when that dream comes true one day, I will have a wealth of support and offers to help on the farm feeding a cow, cuddling a kitten or socializing a rescue puppy!

Speaking of which, we had some disappointing news from the premium food companies declining an opportunity to assist us in feeding our rescue Cats and Kittens.
We are turning to you for some help in providing a bag of food for our rescue Mum’s and Kittens if you can.
Please visit here to purchase a bag with so many thanks from the Divine Creatures Team.

From myself, Skyler and all the cat Aunties at Divine Creatures, thank you for your love and support over the years. The gold standards at Divine Creatures are made possible by the amazing and dedicated cat caring crew, Kate, Briony, Kristian, Priscilla, Lisa, Rose, Laura and Emily who serve and love your fur family when you are away.
It has been a pleasure to care for your cats and I wish you and your family a wonderful, safe and Happy Christmas and New Year xx

Purrs and Smooches from,
Cat Aunty Jules
Founding Owner

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The First Cattery is Built!
A Jungle Gym in the making!
We have a Shop Front!
Starting to look like a cattery

Fun Facts About Divine Creatures!

  • Our oldest guest is 22 years old and is still a current guest of Divine Creatures! Ironically called Young!
  • Our youngest guest was 8 weeks old and settled in so well!
  • Our Biggest guest was a 14kg Maine Coone!
  • Our most interesting request was to spoon feed a cat with a silver spoon (literally!)
  • Our longest booking was 2 years when the owners were overseas receiving health care treatment.
  • The shortest booking was 7 minutes when the owner realized that their holiday was booked for the following week!
  • We have had nearly 18,000 bookings over the last 10 years
  • We use an average of 420 litres of kitty litter per week!
  • All of our staff love your cat/s like a member of their own family – trust us, our phones are full of cute images of our guests!
  • We go through an average of 10 loads of washing per day & wash 50 – 80 bowls per day
  • We take a phone call every 15 minutes and fill half an A4 page of bookings and booking changes every day
  • You know our big staircase? Our staff run up and down them an average of 60 times and we walk 10,000 steps in a 10 hour shift!
  • We prepare for each booking 7 days prior to arrival. It then takes an average of 3 hours to prepare for your booking and 3 hours to clean each accommodation from start to fully dressed.
  • Each cat is assessed and triaged by a Qualified Veterinary Nurse every day.
  • We schedule TLC therapy for those who need us the most!
  • All guests are still checked on every hour, litter trays and cuddles delivered along the way!
  • For every ‘purrfect’ photo you see on our social media, we can guarantee we took at least 15-20 shots to get the perfect image!
  • We cry when we hear a cat has passed and we are often the first to be called which is lovely to be considered as family. We then love seeing second generations come through.


Willow is a very sweet 5 year old lady who we rescued from Hawkesbury Pound along with her litter of four gorgeous little feet

Willow is a confident, sweet natured girl with a beautiful personality and would make a wonderful addition to your family

Willow is vaccinated, microchipped, lifetime registered, flea/worm treated and is $175 to adopt.


Cindy is a very sweet young 5 year old whom we rescued from Hawksbury pound as she was not coping in the shelter environment.
She is shyer than most and requires someone who can be patient with her while she integrates in to a home.
Cindy is vaccinated, health checked, desexed and wormed

Mamma Sky

Sky was found in Penrith and was taken to Hawksbury Pound. We rescued her from the pound so she could have her kittens in the luxury and warmth of Divine Creatures. She now has the comfort of Jules office and access to a safe haven to give birth and look after her kittens in the privacy of a deluxe condo.

Sky is not up for adoption for another few weeks when her kittens are weaned however we just wanted to introduce you to this gorgeous girl.


Please help support our
Rescue Cat Food Drive

Feeding 10 kittens, two Mumma Cats and two female adults can start to put a strain on finances and to help us celebrate our 10th birthday we are asking for a helping hand.
Purchase a bag of food to feed these gorgeous souls who we rescued from pounds. They deserve not only a comfortable stay in luxury at Divine Creatures but also the very best in veterinary nutrition.

Purchase your donated food here and we shall send you a thank you gift certificate for your food donation

USE COUPON CODE: RescueCatFreeShipping

Or choose not to use code to assist covering costs such as, washing the bowls, staff rates and administration costs and postage for your gift certificate

Click here to start shopping with Divine Creatures Pet Shop


To enjoy 30% discount off all products!!

*Excludes food. Offer expires 31st December 2020

Cardboard Cat Cubby DeluxeA Cardboard Cat Scratcher that offers a peek-a-boo cubby entry hol! This hideaway offers privacy & seclusion, two aspects which appeal to cats.

This Scratcher is a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that works with your interior design and at the same time be functional and provide both enrichment and relaxation for your cat. Durable and stable whilst offering multi-functional use to scratch, play and sleep.

EXTRA strong Window HammockMake your cat’s favourite window spot extra comfortable for them with the K&H EZ Window Hammock Mount Bed!

Let your cat gaze outdoors all day long while relaxing in comfort with this innovative creation from K&H! This lounge bed doesn’t require any assembly – all you need to do is place the strong suction cups on the window, and the Kitty Sill will secure to the window and support your pet’s weight.

Fox Den Interactive Cat ToyFrolicat Fox Den toys provide the ultimate in interactive play for cats of all ages. This Frolicat Fox Den features a realistic fox tail that periodically emerges from its den and swishes enticingly.

With a Play All Day function, this interactive toy can be set to activate automatically throughout the day and respond to nearby movement with its motion sensor.

Laser dot toy

Let your kitty pounce and play all day, even when you’re away with the PetSafe® Dancing Dot™ Laser Cat Toy. Simply place the laser cat toy on any elevated, flat surface or hang it on a doorknob.
With 2 play mode options and a random, moving laser display, the Dancing Dot™ toy is a fun way to keep your cat healthy and active. One-Time-Play mode turns the toy on for 15 minutes and Play-All-Day mode turns the toy on for 15-minute intervals every 2 hours.

The Warm Night Appeal
What a perfect gift for any cat lover as well as supporting a wonderful cause. The Warm Night Appeal allows you to pay for one of our rescues to stay with us in a little bit of luxury at Divine Creatures Cat Hotel. You will receive a certificate of appreciation with a photo of the rescue cat and the number of warm nights you supported
[Please note: this is not a donation. This is a purchase to cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation at Divine Creatures as well as the care provided to each cat]