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Christmas is 7 weeks away!!

Dear Pawrents,


Finally the end of the year is closing in and i’m sure many would agree that we are happy to say goodbye to 2020.

I am continuously hearing stories of the trauma 2020 has caused to nearly every being on Earth, let alone Australia. Being the Boarding Director for the Pet Industry Association, I have learnt of the catastrophic impact COVID has had in Victoria. I have relentlessly tried to assist the Victorian members who own boarding facilities that have literally no clients due to stage 4 lock downs.

Many of you could also have family and friends in Victoria. If you do know someone who lives in Victoria and has a pet, please send them a little gift to brighten their day. They have really had it tough and a little gift would go a long way. Having pets during the stage 4 lock down (or any lock down for that matter) has played a crucial part in assisting many people cope and has positively impacted their mental health.

Last month we welcomed our newest staff member Rose! Rose comes to us with a wealth of experience booking human luxury holidays to Africa and she is very well informed to assist your cats checking in to our African Suite! Rose is the Divine Creatures Cat Hotel Concierge and can assist you and your furry family member with all your booking needs. Rose works Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and is a wonderful asset to Divine Creatures! Please ask for Rose when booking your cats in!

We are now nearing Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is only 7 weeks away? I hope this gives us all something to look forward to and lets see if the borders re-open or not. If not, connecting via gifts or Facetime with our interstate loved ones will bind us together over the festive season.

Divine Creatures has continued to be impacted by the border closure. Despite being very booked with short term weekend bookings, we are still significantly down in revenue due the lack of long term bookings. So again I reach out to our beautiful clients to help me rescue more older cats through our Warm Night Appeal. Starting the charity is still several months and several thousands of dollars away, however I can continue to rescue older cats from pounds and find them forever homes. So far I have spent over $7000 on veterinary fees, accommodation, food and health care. This would not be possible without your generous donation. Please continue your generosity and gift a warm night for a cat in need https://divinecreatures.com.au/online-petshop/gift-cards/warm-night-appeal-deluxe-condo-34/

We are a COVID safe business with a high standard of regularly updated processes and procedures based upon the latest NSW health advice. Please ensure you help us keep open and stay safe. We continue to ask our clients to please pump their hands with sanitiser upon arriving at Divine Creatures and sign in to the QR code registration. Remember you are welcome to use our pick up from car or drop off to car service any time. Simply finalise the paperwork pre-check in to qualify for this option.

Wishing you and your family good mental health and remember to connect with your pets. Showing them love everyday will make you ‘feel’ good too! My mantra is that animals saved me. They rescued me not the other way round. There is no greater gift than the love of a pet. Myself, Kate, Briony, Kristian, Priscilla, Lisa, Rose and you share this love for our pets in common xx


Purrs and Smooches from,

Cat Aunty Jules

Founding Owner


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Up High and Window Views

Have you ever noticed that cats just love getting up high? Your tall boy, top of the stairs, kitchen cupboards and even the top of your fridge make perfect spots to perch. If you have a multi cat household you’ll notice that this is often a ‘turf’ ground of who can get the highest spot and who can stay there the longest!

So why do cats love being up high? What is it about being high that makes these interesting creatures so hell bent on claiming the highest space. Well there are many reasons why this behaviour occurs and it starts with their ancestry.

The Felidae species compromises of Big Cats such as Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards some of whom are natural climbers. All of these big cats are often found in a trees for various reasons from hiding / eating prey, sleeping, stalking prey and perching / observing the world from, when you think about it, an advantageous viewing point.

The Felidae’s closest relatives such as Civets Genets and mongoose can also climb trees. The domestic cats (Felis catus) closest relative are the Felis Silvestris: Wild cats. These cats survive in the wild by climbing up trees away from their predators such as foxes, wolves and hawks.

Climbing is an Innate behaviour and must NEVER be reprimanded. Living with cats means accepting their behaviours. Some breeds of cats such as the Abyssinians, Bengals and Burmese Male cats are prone to climbing more than that of a Birman or Female Domestic. There are some ‘personalities’ whom prefer the comforts of observing from under a bed or nestled in the smallest and tightest hidy hole they can find in your house. Again these are all innate behaviours have aided your fascinating feline friend to be a marvelous survivor in the wild and this is why the felidae species has evolved and survived for over 20 million years


Milko is our latest warm night Appeal rescue and is looking for his forever home.
He needs to go to a home with no other cats or dogs and to an owner who understands cats. He was surrendered for some behavioural  issues however as you can see, the gentle and handsome soul can be integrated in a home with dedicated cat lover(s)
Milko is microchipped and vaccinated. Click here for his video and facebook adoption post
Call us on 9958 3363 for more details


Cindy is a very sweet young 5year old whom we rescued from Hawksbury pound as she was not coping in the shelter environment.
She is shyer than most and requires someone who can be patient with her while she integrates in to a home.
She is available for adoption after the 15th of November

Mamma Sky

Sky was found in Penrith and was taken to Hawksbury Pound. We rescued her from the pound so she can have her kittens in luxury and warmth of Divine Creatures. She now has the comfort of Jules office and access to a safe haven to birth her kittens in the privacy of a deluxe condo.

Sky is not up for adoption for another 10 weeks when her kittens are weaned however we just wanted to introduce you to this gorgeous girl.


Jules’s Cat Tips:
Keeping Your Cats Happy!

As we have just discussed the reasons why cats climb and how this behaviour is an innate natural desire for our feline companion pets, naturally we would look at ways to allow our cats to get up high or hiding. Permitting your cats to have their own furniture and their own ‘things’ in your home will keep them off your furniture and essentially make them happier!

Window Hammocks and scratchers that are tall or have hidey holes are the perfect ‘make cat happy’ furniture. I could almost give a money back guarantee that most cats would love a window hammock, although as with people, we can never predict what would make them tick!

You know your cats, if they chase the sun around the house then the window hammock would be a perfect purchase. Similarly if they enjoy perching on the top of the kitchen cupboards then a tall scratching post is the one for you. Perhaps if your cat is shy and timid they would LOVE the new hidey scratcher. Check out the range below to Happy Catify your home!

If your cat is disruptive, scratches furniture or requires my Cat Psychology assistance please do contact me for a consultation and visit my page for more information https://divinecreatures.com.au/cat-psychology/

Click here to start shopping with Divine Creatures Pet Shop
Cardboard Cat Cubby DeluxeA Cardboard Cat Scratcher that offers a peek-a-boo cubby entry hol! This hideaway offers privacy & seclusion, two aspects which appeal to cats.

This Scratcher is a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that works with your interior design and at the same time be functional and provide both enrichment and relaxation for your cat. Durable and stable whilst offering multi-functional use to scratch, play and sleep.

Tall 161cm Scratching PostWOW!!! This is a feline play wonderland of all the tall cat scratching posts! Built to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet, the Tall Cat scratching post includes a multiple hidey holes and three platforms for your feline family to have hours of fun scratching, hunting, climbing, jumping, hopping or simply lounging around.

A hanging Mouse also helps to keep your cat curious and alert at all times. Plus, with its sisal-covered scratching posts, you can be rest assured that your furniture will stay cat-free for a very long time.
Requires assembly

Tall 172cm Scratching PostThe Mother of all scratching posts this 2.0 version of the 161 will satisfy all cats in your multi-cat house hold!

With all the features of the 161 this version boasts an additional two platforms plus 11cm extra in height! Win win for all cats and Pawrents! You’ll be sure to save your furniture as well as have the happiest cats in town!!
Requires assembly

EXTRA strong Window HammockMake your cat’s favourite window spot extra comfortable for them with the K&H EZ Window Hammock Mount Bed!

Let your cat gaze outdoors all day long while relaxing in comfort with this innovative creation from K&H! This lounge bed doesn’t require any assembly – all you need to do is place the strong suction cups on the window, and the Kitty Sill will secure to the window and support your pet’s weight.

Fox Den Interactive Cat ToyFrolicat Fox Den toys provide the ultimate in interactive play for cats of all ages. This Frolicat Fox Den features a realistic fox tail that periodically emerges from its den and swishes enticingly.

With a Play All Day function, this interactive toy can be set to activate automatically throughout the day and respond to nearby movement with its motion sensor.

Laser dot toy

Let your kitty pounce and play all day, even when you’re away with the PetSafe® Dancing Dot™ Laser Cat Toy. Simply place the laser cat toy on any elevated, flat surface or hang it on a doorknob.
With 2 play mode options and a random, moving laser display, the Dancing Dot™ toy is a fun way to keep your cat healthy and active. One-Time-Play mode turns the toy on for 15 minutes and Play-All-Day mode turns the toy on for 15-minute intervals every 2 hours.

The Warm Night Appeal
What a perfect gift for any cat lover as well as supporting a wonderful cause. The Warm Night Appeal allows you to pay for one of our rescues to stay with us in a little bit of luxury at Divine Creatures Cat Hotel. You will receive a certificate of appreciation with a photo of the rescue cat and the number of warm nights you supported
[Please note: this is not a donation. This is a purchase to cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation at Divine Creatures as well as the care provided to each cat]