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Dear Pawrents,

What uncertain times we are facing and I am sure you would all agree … thank goodness for our pets! I believe that we can get through anything as long as our pets are wagging their tail or batting our face with their paw each morning, as well as patiently waiting for us when we return home from work. They are our constant company and the unconditional love that we love so much keeps us grounded and in control in a pandemic. I’m sure you would all agree that this pandemic has brought out the very best and very worst of human beings, but not our pets.
For most of our pets they are our constant, our normal, our consistent love and are unaware and unaffected by COVID. Some cats, however are struggling with the invasion of their space from working from home whereas some dogs may feel a little separation anxiety when we return to work. Whatever the situation, we know and are comforted by one fact: they unconditionally love us. They have no agenda, no objectives, no motivation from their love, but to be simply loved or cared for in return.

Talking of unconditional love, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible generosity shown to myself, the staff and the business. The unbelievable kindness you have shown is helping us keep our doors open and we are all so very thankful for the substantial amount of Warm Night purchases we received. Such a beautiful story of this community business being supported by community spirit. Thank you. I will never forget the generosity and love you have shown us.

Divine Creatures will continue to stay open, however the travel bans are continuing to prove a significantly financial burden to the business. We are a COVID safe business with a high degree of processes and procedures which are regularly updated based upon the latest NSW health advice.
Please ensure you help us keep open and stay safe.
We are asking for our clients to please pump their hands with sanitizer upon arriving at Divine Creatures, wear a mask and please understand our new requirements of retrieving your cat when you check out. With the increasing community transmission and hot spots popping up in local and tourist areas, we will need to continue these procedures until COVID numbers start to decline. Please be assured that this will only be temporary measure as long as we continue to work together!

Being the Boarding and Pet Services Director for the Pet Industry Association, I have been heavily involved with lobbying at Government level to ensure we are deemed essential services, included in Tourism and hospitality grants, that we are included in job keeper and that we are recognized as a business  and an industry as a whole which has been catastrophically impacted by COVID. Hon. Emma Hurst from the Animal Justice Party has proactively assisted lobbying at Parliament level and we can not thank Ms Hurst enough for her support for the welfare considerations that the members of the Pet Industry Association delivers.
As a client of Divine Creatures, please thank Ms Hurst and support he AJP by becoming a member here!

Due of the financial strains the business continues to feel, I have continued to provide rescue and sanctuary to cats who need us the most. I am in the process of starting a charity or non for profit organization jointly with Kate Marsden, whom you know as our Cattery Supervisor. Together we are on a mission to rescue the ones most in need and so far we have independently rescued 9 elderly or high care cats.
We have successfully re-homed Duncan, Lisa, Elton, Phoenix & Gracie. These high care cats naturally come at a high price for their medical bills and we are again pleading to you all for continuous help and support. Once the organization has been founded, we would be asking for regular sponsors to sponsor a cat to stay and receive high care at Divine Creatures. For now please continue to help and gift a warm night to our very special Warm Night Appeal!

In the mean time – we are looking for a solicitor who can help start up the charity for us and a web designer who would be interested in donating their time for this important cause, if you are a solicitor/web designer or know one who might be able to offer their help, please contact us!

Please stay safe!

Purrs and Smooches from,
Cat Aunty Jules
Founding Owner



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Supporting Twilight Sanctuary
Warm Night Appeal Mission


As you may have seen on our social media pages a number of months ago, we launched an initiative called the ‘Warm Night Appeal’ to assist us with the costs of caring for and rehoming a number of cats and kittens. The response from all of our lovely clients and followers was so incredible that this appeal turned into something we could only dream of happening!
With the amount of ‘Warm Nights’ that you purchased on behalf of our rescues, we were able to open up our doors to a number of cats from different organisations that really needed us the most especially old and high care cats

As mentioned above, we are currently still working to become a registered rescue organisation/charity and because of this we receive no financial assistance besides the generosity of our clients, followers, friends and staff. In just a matter of weeks we have witnessed the urgency for an organisation that will focus on rescuing cats no matter of their age, so many senior cats that find themselves homeless don’t even get a look in at many rescue organisations – a fact we find devastating.

It is our mission to give all cats a second chance at any age, without compromising on their welfare and the opportunity to be treated with dignity in their twilight years.

Would you like to help us on our mission of providing love and warmth for our senior friends? You can!

Below you will find a link to purchase a night (or as many as you like) for the rescue cats in our care, as we are not a registered charity (yet!!!) we must stress that this is not a donation. This is a purchase/gift to help us cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation, staff time, food and all necessities for each cat.

We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together with your help!

Best regards,
Cattery Supervisor & Vet Nurse

Trumpy & Harry

These magnificent seniors found Divine Creatures when their beloved Dad passed away in June, their owner had specified that the boys were to be rehomed together in the event of his passing – at 15-16 years of age there is no way in the world this bonded pair would be split up!
A relative contacted us after being turned away by a number of organisations who would not even consider taking in Trumpy and Harry due to their age, euthanasia was certainly not an option and so thankfully they found us!
These boys have been through enough, they lost their Dad and the only home they have ever known – there was absolutely no way we couldn’t take them in – cats like Trumpy & Harry are the reason we opened our doors in the first place.

They have been with us for a couple of weeks now and are slowly starting to settle in, it is a whole new world without their Dad so we wanted to give them time before starting the search for their new home.

Sadly it has been recently discovered Harry and Trumpy have a some health issues and also urgently require major dentals. It is with many thanks to Paddington Cat Hospital for their very generous discounts for these beautiful rescues however naturally cost of medication and procedures have and will continue to added up. Please give generously to our warm night appeal = your help and assistance would be significantly appreciated to assist their welfare considerations.

If you have a place in your heart and your home and your heart for two gorgeous senior gentlemen, please contact us or help spread the word. All Trumpy & Harry are asking for is someone kind to open their home, give them snuggly beds, chin scratches and yummy food and a quiet place where they can enjoy their remaining years.


Carlos is a very handsome nine year old boy who has come to us looking for his second chance at a forever home! Carlos can take a little time to settle into a new environment, but once he is settled he is such a soothing, chilled out companion.

Carlos’ ideal home will be one where he is the only pet with no very young children, he is looking for a cosy new place to retire to for his senior years!

We will be sharing more information and photos of Carlos very soon so please keep an eye out on our website!
If you would like to organise a meet and greet with this handsome man – please contact us today!


Phoenix arrived at Divine Creatures on the 6th June 2020 in desperate need of love and care. Phoenix had a very traumatic start to life as she was found in a horrific state as a very small kitten, she recovered from her injuries and surgery and came to us for some much needed respite and TLC.

We are so happy to announce that before this newsletter was completed – Phoenix found her forever home! 

Jules’s Cat Tips: Litter trays!

According to RSPCA Science Update 69, July 2020, a French Study investigated cats’ litter box preferences in desexed cats kept indoors with no access to outdoor areas in a single pet household.

Results from this study indicated that cats have a clear litter box preference and maintain that preference over time. Cats utilised the covered litter boxes significantly more than small-size uncovered litter boxes, and their choice was not influenced by sex nor by the type of litter box used before the study.

This study indicates that most cats preferred covered litter boxes rather than uncovered litter boxes and cat owners should consider this information when selecting a litter box for their cats.

Keeping your cats happy is in part, ensuring your cats litter tray is kept the same way you like your bathroom kepts
1) Private! Have a cover tray has now been scientifically proven
2) Completely change the litter twice per day
3) Do not use bleaches or strong cleaning products.
4) Do not place the tray in a noisy or high traffic area

For more litter tray or toileting help please contact Jules for a behaviour consultation

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The Warm Night Appeal
What a perfect gift for any cat lover as well as supporting a wonderful cause. The Warm Night Appeal allows you to pay for one of our 6 Adult and 11 shelter kittens  to stay with loving and qualified cat aunties in a little bit of luxury at Divine Creatures Cat Hotel. and receive a certificate of appreciation with a photo of the rescue cat and the number of warm nights on you
[Please note: this is not a donation. This is a purchase to cover the gap costs involved in providing the accommodation at Divine Creatures as well as the care provided to each cat]
Wet and Dry lickiMatLickimats are designed as tasty boredom busters for your cat or dog. Slomo is special because designed to take soft or dry food and to slow down feeding.

  • Slow down feeding
  • Encourages licking to releasing a calming the hormone into the body
  • No over feeding because it makes a small tasty treat last longer
  • made from non-toxic food grade PET and TPR
  • 20 x 20 cm/ 8″ x 8″
  • suitable for dogs and cats(supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew mat)
  • freezer and dishwasher safe

Fish LickMatMIMICS CAT’S PREDATORY FEEDING – LickiMat enrich feeding time for cats by allowing greater activity, like they would experience in the wild.

REDUCES ANXIETY, BOREDOM AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR – LickiMat helps calm and soothe your cat as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking.

Cat catcher cat teaserThe reviews are in and the Cat Catcher Cat Wand is second only to Da Bird as the most popular interactive toy for cats in the World!

Cats are tactual and they love the texture of our handwoven mouse.

They love the way it darts and skitters around.

The special braided safety wire disappears from their sight as they focus on catching the mouse.

No matter what time of day bring out the Cat Catcher and they will be ready to play!

Speed Circuit

  • Fast Fun Unique Way To Keep Your Cat Busy All Day and Night
  • Fun, fast toy with an assortment of motions, colours and sounds to stimulate your cat mentally and physically
  • Perfect way to keep your cat entertained and appeal to their natural hunting instincts
  • Peek-a-boo style track allows your cat to see, chase and bat the ball around the track
Catit Litter Tray

Make you cat very happy with this deluxe cat hooded litter tray toilet!! Described as “possibly the most perfect tray for cats!”

  • Hooded to ensure your cats need for privacy is satisfied
  • Completely prevents spillage
  • Deep, wide & long to ensure your cat has ample room
  • Carbon filter to ensure your nose is kept happy too!
Italian Designer Sturdy Dog & Cat Carrier

This Pet Carrier is a stylish designer carrier suitable for transporting small dogs, cats, rabbits and other such animals. It is a sturdy pet crate made from durable polypropylene with an aluminium door that is both lightweight and tough to give you maximum peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure whilst travelling