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Excellence in Cat Boarding and Cattery Care


Cat Hotel Testimonials from Cattery Guests

Recommended by Belinda, owner of Nitro & Boo, April 2019

Our beautiful boys, Nitro and Boo Radley, just had their first stay at Divine Creatures. Nitro was his usual kissy self and made full use of the fabulous, air conditioned facilities while Boo Radley - living up to his name - was a little more shy. I am very impressed with the caring attitude of the ... Read More

Recommended by James, owner of Missy, April 2019

Our cat Missy the naughty tortie has her next stay, with her friends at Devine Creatures, coming up at Easter. She has been staying with them since it opened & we wouldn't have her holiday anywhere else - frankly she wouldn't cop it either! Thanks for all the years of excellent service. https... Read More

Recommended by Eldin, owner of Daisy, April 2019

My cat Daisy is a shy twelve-year old who is afraid of strangers and is stressed out whenever she is taken away from her familiar environment. I was anxious about leaving her behind when I recently went away for one week. She had not left home for the last nine years. However, my experience of Divin... Read More

Recommended by Glenn, owner of Chelsea, March 2019

We recently had our cat Chelsea stay a week with Divine Creatures and were again really impressed with their professionalism, high standard of care and warm, friendly staff. Being interstate, we also received 2 SMS messages updating us on how Chelsea was going, including photos of her upside down on... Read More

Recommended by Penny, owner of Lucy, March 2019

Divine Creatures really is terrific! We were very apprehensive the morning we took our 12 month old cat there for a 5 week stay while we did renovations. She wasn't very old, had only known 'home' - how would she cope? All the staff, from the front desk check-in to the carers are just fantastic, o... Read More

Cat Boarding

Cattery Check In/Out Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Sat: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Sun: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Public Holidays: CLOSED

Pet Shop Open Hours Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Sat: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm Sun: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Public Holidays: CLOSED

Cat Hotel – Luxury Cat Boarding

Excellence in Cat Boarding and Cattery Care

Cat boarding at Divine Creatures luxury cattery provides your fur baby a range of beautiful cat accommodation, suites and rooms. This award-winning and state of the art cat hotel, offers the best home away from home with the peace, tranquility and TLC love from our dedicated team.

  Why choose Divine Creatures Cattery?

  • Owned and operated by Veterinary professionals
  • Qualified Veterinary Nursing staff
  • Never any mixed accommodation
  • Never mixed exercise time in our fabulous jungle gym
  • Completely open house policy, inspect or visit any time
  • Welfare is the primary consideration and never compromised
  • Temperature controlled to 21oC in summer and 23oC in winter
  • Spotlessly clean, sanitized and odour neutralizer
  • Sophisticated custom built ventilation system removing smells and air-borne diseases
  • Custom built, outstanding accommodation to suit all budgets without compromising on quality
  • No clinical wires, cages, concrete or stainless steal accommodation
  • All rooms have a separate bedroom, bathroom and living areas
  • Premium Royal Canin food is provided or you may supply your own
  • Safe & secure facility with fire, security & alarm back to base monitoring
  • Non-negotiable health requirements; contagious, undesexed or unvaccinated cats are refused check-in
  • Vast media attention recognizing us as the best in the industry with a quote from Dr. Harry “This Cattery is better than my own many years ago!”

  Cat Boarding Specializing in:

  •  Senior cat care
  • Geriatric cat care
  • Administering medications
  • Long-term cat holidays (discounts apply)
  • Behaviour problems including desensitizing and conditioning
  • Rehabilitating previous bad experiences elsewhere
  • Aggressive cats welcome


The Cattery

Our spacious Deluxe Condos are built over 3 levels and include a separate main bedroom and separate en suite. With plenty of room to move around, your beloved cat will enjoy relaxing days and peaceful nights

Our “New York City Apartments” are twice the size of the already huge Deluxe Condos and offer window views and opportunities to bask in the sunshine all day long. We can also offer double access New York apartments to cater for your multi-cat household.

Have you ever thought about booking your cat’s holiday in Paris? Book your cat into one of our exclusive luxury cat boarding themed rooms! Choose from a romantic European escape,  an African Safari, a Fijian resort or an Oriental suite. Newly renovated with plush new furnishings in contemporary designs, each room has floor to ceiling levels for enrichment & leisure, one of our 7 HUGE rooms is bound to entice your kitty!

We guarantee no mixed cat boarding or play time in our fabulous Jungle Gym, a room which must be seen to be believed! Imagine a tranquil rainforest with a waterfall as a backdrop, this room has everything to entertain and excite all your cat’s senses.

The cattery is temperature controlled & is set to a cosy 23oC, ensuring your cat’s comfort 24 hours a day, all year round. Our custom designed ventilation system ensures that cats cannot smell each other, ensures they remain stress-free as well as ensuring there is no airborne cross-contamination. In addition, we guarantee all guests are vaccinated and desexed increasing the well being and guest comfort.

We are so confident that your cat will love this luxury cat boarding experience, that it will not want to leave, and so many of our beloved cat guests have returned time and time again. Find out what others say about Divine Creatures cat boarding services through our testimonials.

We are fully booked **24th December 2019 – 2nd January 2020**

Please call 02 9958 3363 to be placed on our waiting list **


Cattery Accommodation Availability for Cat Boarding