Fijian Suite

Absolutely huge floor to ceiling main living area with multiple wall fixtures to lounge on or access upstairs bedroom area. Our Fijian escape, includes three sleeping areas to suit the most fastidious of cats and a separate ensuite bathroom. This room would suit a young or young at heart cat with wall fixtures to challenge & entertain!

Wall mounted scratching posts & plenty of toys will keep your cat(s) entertained for hours!

Advanced air conditioning & Room services as per all levels of accommodation.

Jungle Exercise Gym
$8.00 per day. Individual exercise time with some extra TCL from cattery carers. Never mixed time with other cats. Toys, tunnels, ladders, real trees… Every cats dream adventure!

Cat Hotel Testimonials from Cattery Guests

Recommended by Suzy, Owner of Tinka, May 2019

Our cat stays with Devine Creatures every time we go away. She is a very shy scaredy cat but is always happy there. We know she's well cared for and safe. The staff are very gentle and caring, some are vet nurses, everything is monitored and recorded. The room... Read More

Recommended by Michelle, owner of Bella & Willow, May 2019

We were so happy with the care given to our two Burmese girls during their brief stay in Feb 2019. It was the first time we have ever left them at a boarding facility. The staff were wonderful and sent us photos and updates and the girls settled in well. W... Read More

Recommended by David, owner of Izzy, May 2019

We are relatively new owners of a rescue cat and had no idea about cat boarding or how she would react to being abandoned (again!) during our recent 12 day holiday. We went to Divine Creatures on a recommendation and were immediately reassured by the facility,... Read More

Recommended by Garry, owner of Jasper, May 2019

Highly recomended. Very efficent and helpful staff. Such peace of mind to know your cat (ours is 21!)is so well looked after and comfortable if you have to leave them in care. Read More

Recommended by Belinda, owner of Nitro & Boo, April 2019

Our beautiful boys, Nitro and Boo Radley, just had their first stay at Divine Creatures. Nitro was his usual kissy self and made full use of the fabulous, air conditioned facilities while Boo Radley - living up to his name - was a little more shy. I am very im... Read More

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