Oriental Suite

Picture perfect tranquil Oriental bedroom is absolutely huge, floor to ceiling main living area with multiple wall fixtures to lounge on or access upstairs bedroom area. Includes three sleeping areas to suit the most fastidious of cats and a separate ensuite bathroom.

Wall mounted scratching posts & plenty of toys will keep your cat(s) entertained for hours!

Advanced air conditioning & Room services as per all levels of accommodation.

Jungle Exercise Gym
$8.50 per day. Individual exercise time with some extra TCL from cattery carers. Never mixed time with other cats. Toys, tunnels, ladders, real trees… Every cats dream adventure!

Cat Hotel Testimonials from Cattery Guests

Recommended by Sharon, June 2020

As an owner of particularly spoilt cats, I was after a place where I knew they would be treated well. Communication before booking was amazing with Jules being very patient in answering questions. We had booked them in for 4 weeks for our overseas holiday whic... Read More

Recommended by Vivienne, Owner of Angus, June 2020

Amazing service for a first timer. We were welcomed in for a tour and all our questions answered before booking Angus in. He came home happy and smelling great. Thanks for your care with him (and me!). Have booked him in again already! I loved all the atten... Read More

Recommended by Chris, Owner of Rocky, May 2020

Kate and the team at Divine Creatures were really accommodating for our Bengal. "Rocky" has stayed in many catteries but he is most comfortable and cared for with the team there. Rocky is a highly strung cat and stresses easily, he was relaxed and comfortable ... Read More

Recommended by Michelle, May 2020

Very clean and staff were very caring and knowledgeable. We will be back. https://www.google.com/search?channel=crow2&client=firefox-b-d&q=divine+creatures+reviews+google#lrd=0x6b12aecd0ecb1225:0x5e7fd566a02e1c2f,1,,,   Read More

Recommended by Jason, Owner of Keisha, March 2020

Lovely caring staff that were a great help with my cat. If you are going away and need a place for your cat to be well fed, exercised and cleaned then I would highly recommend. https://www.google.com/search?channel=crow2&client=firefox-b-d&q=divine+... Read More

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