Divinely Cat Grooming

The Tranquil Cat Grooming Spa

Divine Creatures grooming service is quite different to ordinary grooming facilities. We are a gentle care facility just for cats, incorporating all aspects of cat welfare and ensuring every cat has a pleasant and never a traumatic experience.

Jules, founder of Divine Creatures, a Cat Psychologist and Veterinary Nurse, has a lifelong dedication to animal welfare and in particular our feline friends, who are often misunderstood and are in great need for welfare considerations. Jules’s cat grooming philosophies deliver just that with every groomer at Divine Creatures providing every cat with a beautiful and tranquil ‘spa like’ experience.

Some grooming facilities are barbaric, scruffing and pinning cats down in production lines to make more grooming sales in one day. Jules operates very differently at Divine Creatures and pride herself on being a gentle care facility. Every groomer work one on one with each cat using Jules’s cat psychologist philosophies and welfare considerations. They essentially talk to your cat – a form of cat whispering to teach your cat we are here to love and nurture and never hurt or harm.

By using gentle care techniques, we are able win most cats over   however there are a few who cats whom have had a bad previous boarding or veterinary experience and are too traumatized to proceed with the groom. In these instances, we do not charge you for our time, instead offering to desensitize the traumatic experience by offering TLC therapy over several sessions.

The welfare of each individual cat is of the utmost of importance to us and if we feel that your cat is unable to proceed with future grooms, we will explain the options available for your beloved furry family member

Our clients choose Divine Creatures for these reasons and appreciate that every cat that comes through our doors are treated with love and respect.

If you know your cat is highly anxious, has suffered from a bad experience, is generally fearful or has been known to be aggressive – please contact our friendly staff for advice before booking your cat in for grooming.


Day at the Cat Spa

Revitalize Package – $75

Your cat will commence his/her spa experience with relaxing and feel good pheromone infused scents, soothing energy by one of our Cat Spa Therapists.

Followed by a gentle massage of your cats head, ears face and pleasure pheromone release points along his/her body. This will allow your cat to learn the experience is one of trust and love

Working with your cat while in a nicely relaxed mind, we then clipper their nails, clean their ears and eyes and start their brush out. Most cats loved being brushed. Cats spend 3-5hours per day grooming themselves thus any cat who doesn’t like to be groomed, hasn’t been groomed with love. We find that this is the part they enjoy most and often even fall asleep!

Cat Spa Grooming Packages

Revitalize Package – $75

  • Mild matt removal & brush out
  • Massage,
  • Ear, eye & tush clean
  • Free (Optional) nail clip
  • Severe matt removal $45extra

Salon Package – $100

  • Brush out
  • Relaxing bath
  • Massage,
  • Ear, eye & tush clean
  • Free (Optional) nail clip
  • Mild matt removal $20 extra
  • Severe matt removal $45extra

Spa DeFlea Package – $150

  • Consultation discussing flea control
  • Deep de-flea treatment
  • Flea bombs remove the eggs in your environment
  • Free (Optional) nail clip
  • Mild matt removal $20 extra
  • Severe matt removal $45extra



Cat Grooming Testimonials

Just a short note to thank you for looking after Louise yesterday. I know she is a bit of a difficult cat, being so very nervous. She looks fantastic, she is in a great mood today & I think she must feel very light and fresh with her new hair do.

Thank you once again.

Recommended by Aref, Owner of Louise


Thank you so much for looking after Billy so well today.

I was so nervous about leaving him (I sound pathetic!! hehe) and was especially concerned that he wouldn’t be the same after his clip (which let’s face it, I was doing for only me to aid in the fur clean up).

Jules, not only does he look amazing, he is as happy as Larry and I couldn’t be happier that I went ahead with his Lion Cut. Thank you so much again!

We will definitely be trying to book him in to stay for the month that we are away in April and I will be in contact soon for definite date.

Again, thank you so much. I truly admire what you do.

Recommended by Nikki, Owner of Billy.


“After having your anti-flea treatment Jamie has stopped scratching and is now a much happier kitty.··He also loves his new toy mouse which seems to satisfy his hunting instincts and there have been no more biting incidents.·Jack and his sister just love their laser toy and I’m so happy they have a toy they both can enjoy.·Thank you so much for your help and recommendations to make our cats’ lives happier!”

Recommended by Margeret, Owner of Jack & Jamie.·


“Betty LOVES her hair cut. She is so happy and loves being a rudie nudie. Thanks for talking us into it!·We’ll need to find an excuse for her to have a holiday with you again soon!!·

Recommended by Ali, Owner of Betty


“Oscar & Marli are very happy after their Spa treatments yesterday! They look and smell great. Thanks so much!”

Recommended by Ally, Owner of Oscar & Marli


“Thank you again Jo and Jules for taking such good care of Kisa. She is in great spirits, looks and smells lovely after a visit to the day spa”

Recommended by Danielle, Owner of Kisa


Thank you Jules for our lovely bath, pampering and special playtime! Love Welly and Ralphy (the two widdle wabbits!)

Recommended by Tiffany, Owner of Welly & Ralphy


Thanks to everyone at Divine Creatures for looking after my Cyrus when I’m away! He loves his new haircut too 🙂 thanks again!

Recommended by Kasey, Owner of Cyrus