Cat Psychology

What is Cat Behaviour and Cat Psychology?

What is the difference between a Cat Psychologist and a Cat Behaviourist? Just like people, we have counsellors and psychologists. Human counselling is typically concerned with immediate and practical issues such as processing grief or anger. Psychotherapy on the other hand is the long-term treatment of mental illnesses and helps clients conduct an extensive examination of their psychological history.

Cat Psychology is no different. As a Cat Psychologist, Jules recognises ‘why’ the cat is behaving in a certain way which allows for a much deeper understanding of the cats brain, genetics and innate behaviours. This broader qualification enables a Cat Psychologist to formulate a substantial behaviour modification plan including cat training that aids in a stronger long-term prognosis to change the undesirable cat behaviour.

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About Jules dos Santos - the Cat Whisperer

Jules has always had a love and passion for both big and small cats. She has a keen interest in cat welfare and behaviour which inspires her passion to investigate a cats brain and their psychological characteristics. Jules started her career as a Veterinary Nurse, and founded Divine Creatures with one focus – welfare and ensuring that all cats holidaying with her have their innate behaviours considered.

Jules obtained her Level 4 Diploma as a Cat Psychologist with distinctions leading to successfully rehabilitating many cat behaviour problems and restoring cat-owner relationships. Almost 75% of cats who are surrendered to the pounds are surrendered due to undesirable behaviours. With over 150,000 cats euthanised in Australia every year, it is devastating that for a small fee of employing a Cat Psychologist, these numbers could be greatly reduced and even eliminated.

Cat Behaviour problems can have a catastrophic impact on the family. Jules can assist in the modification of the cat behaviour problems and help the owners have a fulfilling and loving relationship with their cat. This often involves helping owners understand cats and the pet they have chosen to share their lives with. She has been recognised for her outstanding knowledge of cats by Dr Harry Cooper, The Cat Protection Society, The Today Show, Sunrise and Nine News. Jules is the Director of Boarding and Pet Care Services for the Pet Industry Association Australia and also sits on the Committee for AFAM industry training advisory body.

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Offering Telephone & Skype Consultations Australia Wide

Call us today on 02 9958 3363, send a text message to 0413 888 733 or email to book your Cat Behaviour Consultation.

$145 telephone consultation which includes:
  • Zoom or telephone consultation
  • Detailed Verbal Behaviour Modification Plan (additional $175 for a written plan)
  • Included 30 minute follow up telephone call 2 weeks post consultation
  • $30 for each additional phone call
$200 supported telephone consultation which includes:
  • Zoom & telephone consultation
  • Detailed Verbal Behaviour Modification Plan (additional $150 for a written plan)
  • Weekly telephone or email check-ups which may involve modifying the Behaviour Modification Plan
  • 4 weeks of telephone or email assistance and support