October 2014 – Can I Give My Cat My Human Medicine?

Hello Pet Parents,

Exciting news just keeps pouring in! We will be joining forces with the Cat Protection Society (CPS) in November with Divine Creatures being CPS’s  first partnership! This will mean that Divine Creatures will be adopting out CPS’s cats and kittens, with our cat adoption area being built by November. We are so excited about our new partnership as rescue is a passion Jules has had for many years. We hope you will join our mission and help save hundreds of lives. Next month we will let you know how you can help!

We have a new member to our growing team of cat carers! Silviana has had vast experience in the cat caring industry and has worked in several catteries in Australia. She is currently studying veterinary nursing having an enormous passion for cats and their well being.

A huge thank you to all who voted for us in the Local Business Awards! We reached the finals all thanks to your support! From here the judges will assess the business with the awards night being held on the 7th November so fingers crossed!

Ellie and Boo FOUND A HOME!! Thanks to you spreading the word we found Ellie and Boo a fantastic home to a loving family. They have settled in very well to their new home, such a beautiful end to a desperate story.

Thank you to Sarah and Antony for adopting these adorable girls. They are blessed to have found a beautiful new home!

All the best,
Jules & Dr Katie;
Robyn, Bree, Emma, Silvie, Luisa and Laura.

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Can I Give My Cat My Human Medicine?

NO! Cats are not small people. They are amazingly unique and have their own special way of processing drugs. Simple medicines that seems harmless to us can quickly kill a cat or make them life threatening ill. The harmful drugs in this article are just an example. Often people think they may try their own medicines to save paying for a veterinary consultation. I can guarantee that poisoning your cat with human medicines will cost plenty more than that trip to the vets.

Panadol. Tiny doses of Panadol can cause cat’s bodies to not transport oxygen from their lungs to the blood so it can keep the body alive. This is probably one of the most dreadful ways for a cat to die. It can be treated if we get puss early but the treatment is expensive and doesn’t always work. A very sad case I once saw, was a poor cat that had a sore foot from being in a cat fight. The owners didn’t want to pay for the trip to the vets but

August 2014 – Vomiting in Cats

My Cat Vomits … Should I Be Worried?

There are hundreds of causes for vomiting and they range from very benign causes to nasty life threatening causes. So how do we tell the difference?

  1. Is your cat really vomiting? ….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  2. Vomiting v Regurgitation ….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  3. How often has your cat vomited? ….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  4. What does the vomit look like?….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  5. Is your cat showing any other signs of illness?….[Click below to read full newsletter]…

And, as disgusting as it sounds, it helps if you bring the vomit for us vets to look at. As vets we may want to take some blood from your cat, maybe take X-rays or organise an ultrasound. There are so many causes it can take some real detective skills to get an exact cause.

If your cat gets hairballs, it is important that we help remove the hair from the cat. Hair that leaves the stomach and passes into the cat’s intestine can cause some nasty blockages. A daily brushing/combing regime will decrease the amount of hair your cat ingests. Prevention is definitely the best solution. Cat-lax is an oil based product that can help the hair pass through. Science Diet has an excellent hair ball dry diet that bulks up the cat’s faeces and helps the hair pass through. Below are some images of hairballs – very attractive things!

If in doubt, please just check with your vet. All too often Katie and Jules would see cases on emergency that could have been easily prevented if intervention was seeked a few days earlier. When a cat (or dog) continues to vomit the body goes through enormous amount of stress and often the underlining cause worsens to a catastrophic level. A few dollars today could save thousands later trying to repair the damaged caused from leaving it too long.


Hello Pet Parents,

We have some very exciting news! To meet our growing demands, our DA was approved for an expansion which means we will have four more New York Apartments, more condo’s and a renovation to our Penthouse Suite which is already complete. We are working our way down the already long Christmas waiting list and will be contacting the first few on the list shortly. Once work is complete we will have a total of 51 accommodations and we hope this will relieve the waiting lists over school holidays.

Newly Renovated Penthouse Suite!

We currently have two adorable girls, a Mum and her daughter cat Ellie and Boo in boarding whom desperately need

September 2014 – When to know its time When is it time to say goodbye?

When is it time to say goodbye?

Such a cruel part of loving a furry family member is the horrid fact that they just do not live very long. You may not want to think about your pet’s passing but knowing what happens could help you deal with this difficult time. As a Vet I often get asked “When is it time to say goodbye?”.
A pet’s quality on life depends on being able to eat, drink, toilet, sleep and move around without pain. If a cat or dog suffers a condition that temporarily disturbs this quality of life but will ultimately recover
If a pet gets a condition such as diabetes and you are able to physically manage and financial commit to their care, then I believe they can live a normal life.
Some conditions such as malignant (bad) cancers or severe heart disease may not be treatable.
Chronic (long standing) conditions such as arthritis or degenerative myelopathy make the decision making process really difficult. These dogs can have days of debilitating pain then other days that they seem relative good.
Countless clients have said during euthanasia “this must be the most awful part of your job”. Yes it is painful as we do relate to your pain and grief, but it is a great honour to be trusted in your pet’s final time and to be able to deliver a pain and stress free passing.
Should you be present? This is a decision for you and your vet to make. For routine cat and dog euthanasias, it may be a good idea to to be present as it gives you an opportunity to say goodbye and give you peace of mind that your pet’s final minutes were peaceful.
Even if your pet is not ill, it is always good to consider what you would do with your pet’s body – this is a very personal decision and varies widely.
As painful as this topic maybe, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. This will happen to all of us one day or you may have already experienced the excruciating pain associated with the loss of a pet. If you need to talk, we are always here for you when that time come, feel free to call us.
David Foote is a Bereavement Counselling for Pet Owners. Jules has used him several times during times of losing her pets and found it helped her tremendously work through & deal with the pain http://davidfoote.com.au/
I hope this article will help you find some clarity when that time comes. In the mean time – treasure each day with your pet(s).

Hello Pet Parents,

Goodness what a wet month we have had! Some of you may have noticed a change in demeanor with your

July 2014 – Skin Problems in Cats

Questions Answered about Skin Problems in Cats

The cats skin is a fairly amazing part of their body – it makes hair, has specialised parts like whiskers, produces waxes to keep their hair healthy, helps regulate their temperature, and can change hair position to make them look bigger in a fight. Such a special organ can also get some very special problems and skin problems in cats are quite common and varied.

Abscesses – Cats that meet other cats often fight, this is normal cat behavior. In the wild, they are not pack animals and defend their territory defensively.

Ringworm – Ringworm is NOT a worm/parasite infection. It is a fungal disease that often causes circular lesions that expand outwards. Ringworm is more common in kittens, especially sick ones, and in long haired breeds.

Allergies – Cats do get allergies and just like people, can get allergic dermatitis. Some cats will be allergic to fleas, plants, pollen’s, wool, and even foods. Allergies can develop as cats get older and can become more serious as they age.

My recommendations to people with allergic pets are:

  1. Flea control – this must be year round and effective…..
  2. Diary – keep a diary of when your cat has skin problems, what is happening in their life and what they are eating.
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids can be added to the cats diet.
  4. There are skin specialists for cats and dogs – do not be afraid to ask your vet for a referral.

NB. Flea allergies are incredibly common. You will not see fleas on most flea allergic animals because they will eat the fleas when grooming. One flea bite every 2 weeks is enough to cause a problem in these pets.

Overgrooming – After a cat has been nervous, they will groom themselves. This makes them calm. For some cats this becomes excessive and they “overgroom”. Often these cats have bald bellies or flanks or sometimes forelegs

Cancers – Skin cancers are common and vary in size, appearance and location. Cancers will not always look nasty initially.

Dandruff – Cats, like people, can get dandruff. A little dandruff can be acceptable.

Shedding and Knots – As vets, we are often asked what we can give to stop hair falling out.

  1. Stay on top of brushing! ……
  2. Slicker brushes are fabulous. ….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  3. Combs should be used for long haired cats. These also brush right down to skin level to remove dead fur.
  4. Stay away from products like furminator and rubber mits. These products cut the coat and only skim the surface.
  5. Conditioner –

June 2014 – Urination Problems in Cats

Urination Problems in Cats

Urination problems in cats are very common. Whilst this can be a very frustrating problem for both the cats and their owners, it is not a problem you have to live with. There are a number of reasons why cats inappropriately urinate and I must stress that there is always a reason. It is simply a process of elimination to find the reason why this habit started to form and early intervention will save you and your cat a lot of stress in the long run.

Is this a medical problem?

Yes it can be. Cats can get inflammation (irritation) of their bladders ….
In old cats or cats with kidney failure, diabetes or liver disease, owners often notice different urinary habits.

Is this a behavioural problem?

Yes it can be. Some cats will urinate inappropriately because of behavioural issues.

What can I do to avoid these problems?

If your cat is urinating out of the tray, medical problems need to be ruled out first. See your vet.
If there isn’t a medical problem, we need change the behaviour.

If these tips fail, perhaps consider a behaviourist. Don’t give up, the behaviour can be changed and rehoming the cat is not necessarily the best approach to responsible pet ownership. Deb Lowe is a renowned and an exceptionally good behaviourist. Deb offers telephone consultations for as little as $88 per hour. Please call Divine Creatures on 99583363 for more information on Deb services.

This month has been a busy month for Jules as well, as she starts her role as adviser to the Pet Industry Association, re-writing the codes of practice for the pet boarding sector. Naturally this is a huge project although very much needed with outdated codes.
You may also remember Jules hand reared a litter of kittens. Two of the girls went to their forever homes on Mothers’ Day to a lovely family. The other two have been growing fast and a beautiful relationship has been found with Jules’ dogs. A huge family of six rescued animals fill Jules home now!
A special thank you goes out to Margaret and her daughter Katie who came in every week to help socialize our kittens, you did a great job – Thank you!
Lastly, our most exciting news. We are currently in discussions with the Cat Protection Society of NSW about partnering to help more cats and kittens find forever homes. Watch this space!

Urination Problems in Cats

Urination problems in cats are very common. Whilst this can be a very frustrating problem for both the cats and their owners, it is not a problem you have

May 2014 – Indoor v Outdoor Cats

Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

From first time kitten owners to seasoned cat companions, cat owners are divided whether or not cats should be allowed outdoors. Deciding whether or not a cat should be an indoors or outdoors animal is up to individual owners so long as awareness for all the pros and cons are considered.

We are not here to tell you which direction to take, merely provide you with all aspects of both indoor and outdoor life and how you may even be able to get the best of both worlds! … [Click “Read more” button below to read full version]

  • Traffic….[Click below to read full newsletter]…
  • Poisons ….
  • Infectious disease….
  • Parasites …..
  • Dogs and wild animals….[read full newsletter: click link below]
  • Becoming lost…..
  • Neighbours …..
  • Skin cancer…..
  • Cat predation….
  • Benefits of ‘controlled’ outdoor cats, is of coarse getting fresh air, sunlight and acting upon normal cat behaviors……


Hello Pet Parents,

Well it is only the middle of Autumn, we are all feeling the cold and just because your fur family wears a fur coat doesn’t mean they don’t feel the cold as much as we do. We wear cloths and still enjoy the fire or electric blanket! This is particularly important for young or old animals. A coat or electric blanket will keep your adult pets happy and your old pets comfortable.

I might be letting the cat out of the bag too soon (pardon the pun) although just could not wait to share. We are in the middle of planning a Cat Adoption Program! This will mean hundreds, hopefully thousands of orphaned and abandoned kittens and cats will be rescued and re-homed. We shall keep you posted on the progress.

A gentle reminder that we are fully booked for Christmas and so the sooner you place your name on the waiting list the higher the chance of getting in for a Christmas holiday.

Wishing you a warm month of May!

Jules, Dr Katie and the cat caring team at Divine Creatures

Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

From first time kitten owners to seasoned cat companions, cat owners are divided whether or not cats should be allowed outdoors. Deciding whether or not a cat should be an indoors or outdoors animal is up to individual owners so long as awareness for all the pros and cons are considered.
We are not here to tell you which direction to take, merely provide you with all aspects of both indoor and outdoor life and how you may even be able to get the best of both worlds!