Recently I took my two rescue boys to stay with Jules and the crew at Divine Creatures. I was recommended them by friends (one of whom is a vet). My two boys have both had urinary tract issues (both blocked which is a death sentence) and are both for different reasons not particularly well-adjusted. My big boy Leo is aggressive and my little boy Max is severely scarred from being put in a plastic bag and shoved down a drain to die when he was a tiny kitten.

We have recently had renovations which have gone well beyond their due date. I had no option but to put the boys in to a cattery and we chose Divine Creatures.

I am so glad we did. I suspect this literally saved Max’s life. Jules and the girls are so lovely and kind and cat-loving it is the perfect place for any cat. It is absolutely beautiful and the love and concern they have for the cats is palpable. Every cat there seemed so happy and relaxed. Unfortunately my little Max was not and here is why I think Divine Creatures is so great…

I visited the boys three days out of four but on the fourth day Max hadn’t been eating properly or going to the bathroom for over a day. If a cat with a history of a blocked urinary tract isn’t going to the bathroom then it is big trouble. Jules’ response was amazing. She was very decisive and sat me down and gave me an immediate plan of action. I raced the boys home and followed her advice. Her only concern was the welfare of my little Max.

Here I why I think they are so great. They love cats and they are kind and friendly and any normal cat will love their stay… but Jules and her team were right on top of little Max and his anxiety/health issues. I found them really amazing and I would highly recommend anxious parents like me with mal-affected cats go there. I also witnessed the other cars in their care… absolutely loving their stay and being loved and pampered.

Couldn’t recommend Divine Creatures anymore. Amazing!