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I have made my booking, what else do I need?

We will need to sight = a F3 Vaccination Certificate for our feline guests.

If you don’t have a copy available we can call and verify with your vet who keep these records.

If your pet has medication or requires additional care options, please make sure this is discussed with Reception in as much detail as possible.

Please make sure you have an Emergency contact person, who understands their role and will act on your behalf, can speak English and will be available during your holiday.

Can I bring bedding and toys?

Cats are welcome and encouraged to bring special toys, beds and belongings as they are not in shared accommodation and fare better when they have some familiar scents around them.

Do you accept un-desexed pets or pets in season?

We do accept un-desexed pets, however, we cannot accept females who are in season (for obvious reasons). It is the responsibility of the owner/s of the entire female to notify Divine Creatures of their females cycle. If the female comes into season during a stay with us we may have to seek alternative lodgings for the pet at additional costs.

What happens if my pet gets sick during their stay?

In the unlikely event that your pet requires veterinary treatment during their stay we will attempt to contact you or your listed emergency contact on the telephone numbers provided and seek instructions. If we are unable to reach you on the telephone, we will attempt to contact you via the email address provided and seek instructions. If we are still unable to make contact through these methods, we will make a decision based on the welfare and best interest of the pet.

Should your pet require veterinary treatment, they will be taken to the resort’s local vet for which a fee will be charged for transport and time spent at the vet ($40.00 transport, $25.00 labour per hour, $15.00 van sterilisation). Please note after hours or public holidays incur additional charges ($40.00 transport, $50.00 labour per hour, $15.00 van sterilisation). Should you request to have your pet taken to your treating vet, further charges will apply.

Please note that all veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner and must be paid on presentation of the invoice.

After your pet’s holiday

After your pet’s holiday, it’s not unusual for habits to change and they may require readjusting when they get home, just like us when we return from a holiday.

Some common post-holiday behaviour includes:

  • Over excitement: Your pets are thrilled to have you home and to be home so they may run around and go crazy with excitement and delight from being back with their pack. This usually abates in a day or so.
  • Exhaustion/Lethargy:  We also often hear from clients that their pet came home and slept for the entire day after their stay. During their holiday they have more activity and stimulation than they normally do at home so they are ready for a good rest upon their return.
  • Upset tummy: This can usually be attributed to a change in diet while staying with us. You are more than welcome to use your pet’s own food for your next visit, please ask our Receptionist for further details.
  • Excessive thirst: Often with sensory overload, pets can forget to drink enough water and this may catch up with them once they return home. This again will settle once a normal routine is resumed at home. It is best not to allow your pets to gulp more than one bowl of water as they can be prone to bloat and vomiting if too much is consumed too fast.
  • Weight loss can occur in certain breeds or due to certain behaviours, such as excess activity and even anxiety.  We offer all pets as much food as they comfortably eat without creating a health risk.  We do weigh all cats on arrival and some of the weight loss candidates will be weighed several times during their stay.  We can’t guarantee weight will not be lost, however, we will ensure we do our utmost to prevent it.

Please remember that it’s important to re-establish all the usual home patterns and follow your normal home schedule. Our pets love following a schedule as it makes them feel safe and secure.

Aged Care

Geriatric or senior pets often require special considerations when they board, especially if you are travelling during the busy holiday periods. Cats are creatures of habit and routine, and do best when they can maintain a consistent daily pattern. Seniors may be more set in their ways, and any disruption to their schedule may cause additional stress to an ageing body.

At what age, exactly, is a furry friend considered a “senior” or “geriatric” pet? The actual age varies depending on breed but generally any cat 8-10 is considered a senior guest.

Older guests will typically require more attention from our staff, or even veterinary care, during their stay as they generally have more pre-existing medical conditions than our younger pets. For example, heart conditions, diabetes, kidney and/or liver dysfunction, low thyroid, arthritis and other joint problems, are commonly seen in senior pets.

Some conditions may be underlying and not previously diagnosed prior. When older pets experiences higher than usual levels of stress (in this case, due to changes in their environment and schedule), their body will react and any underlying symptoms may begin to show.

Therefore, before making arrangements for your senior pet to board, first make an assessment as to his/her overall health and temperament. It may also be a good idea to book your pet in for a veterinary health check just prior to checking in to ensure that all is well (or at least stable) with his/her health.

If your senior pet has a number of medical conditions, gets very stressed in new situations or is not an experienced boarder, you may want to consider alternative options such as a home pet-sitting service. If you do need to board your pet outside of the home and they have a serious or unpredictable medical condition, your veterinarian may be a better choice, as they will be able to spot an impending crisis quickly and take the appropriate action.

If, however, your pet is relatively healthy, happy and active, if he/she has boarded previously, and if he/she has an outgoing personality with a relatively laid-back reaction to new things, then you may choose to board him/her with us. In choosing this option, we would recommend that you take a tour of our facility to give you the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns as far as the care of our senior citizens.

What do we need from you?

  • To ensure our facilities are suitable for your pet, a fit-to-board letter must be provided every three months from your vet
  • An Aged Care Form will need to be completed once your booking has been created, our team will be in touch with you to provide you with this form

Due to the extra care that is essential for older pets, an aged care fee of $5 per day will be applied on top of your booking.

Do you accept my pet if they require medication?

We are of course happy to administer medications your pet may require whilst on their holiday with us, however there are a few extra steps to take.

When a pet is on medication there are a few things you will need to let us know prior to arrival:

  • Medication name
  • What condition the medication is treating
  • Clearinstructions on when we need to administer and how often
  • Any precautions we may need to take when administering or handling the medication

Be sure to keep all medications in the bottle administered from your vet with the vet label intact. This gives us the most accurate information on the medication we are administering your pet.

If your pet is on a number of different medications controlling serious conditions, we may suggest considering alternative accommodation options such as a home pet-sitting service or veterinary boarding. Some health conditions can be heightened by stress in new environments and schedules, which can trigger further illnesses and complications for your pet.

Please contact Reception to discuss if you have any concerns.

Please note there is a medication administration charge starting at $5.00 per administration. Fees will apply for medication needing to be administered out of hours.

Do you have another question?

If you have any questions about boarding your cat(s) at Divine Creatures or regarding our policies, please contact us by completing the form below:

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