All cats must have been vaccinated within 12 months prior to checking into the cattery. Should the vaccination be due close to or during their stay a vaccination will be required at least 2 weeks prior to checking in.


All cats, 4 months and over, must be surgically desexed by a licensed veterinarian. You may be asked to provide the desex certificate

Parasite Control

All cats are to be treated with an approved flea prevention treatment on the day of admission. Approved treatments are: Advantage, Advocate, Frontline or Revolution. We are happy to apply the treatment and add the application onto your account for payment.

Refusal at check in

For the safety of other cats in the suites, no cats will be accepted if they show visible signs of illness e.g. weepy eyes, sneezing or coughing. We will also refuse admission if proof of vaccination is unavailable.

Medical attention

Should we feel that your cat is unwell at anytime during their stay, our on call veterinarian will perform a physical exam. If treatment is deemed necessary we will contact your regular veterinarian. A fee will be charged for this service and for any travel expenses involved, payable on discharge. While every effort will be made to seek treatment for your pet at your nominated veterinarian any costs thereafter will be the responsibility of the owner.


Staff from Divine Creatures are happy to administer any medications that your cat may require. This includes administering tablets, injections or creams. Medications will need to be supplied by your Veterinarian and be clearly labeled. A small charge will added onto your daily boarding fee depending on the amount and difficulty of medicating. A daily record will be kept by our experienced staff.


Cats will be fed the highest quality premium cat food of Royal Canin Sensible. Any other diet other than the one supplied by Divine Creatures or if your cat has special dietary needs e.g: Diabetic, Urinary Tract problems, Dietary sensitivity / allergy, we are happy to feed them these diets. You may purchase a bag through us or supply the special diet yourself. Sufficient food must be supplied by you to feed your cat for the whole period of stay or may be purchased from us. You will not be charged any extra for this service.


To cover administration fees and to ensure that other guests wishing to book into Divine Creatures are not disadvantaged a none refundable/none transferable deposit of one days accommodation is required to secure the booking or $100 for boarding over 21 days.

During the Christmas period a minimum booking of 7 days will apply and a none refundable/none transferable 50% deposit is required for all bookings during peak periods (Christmas and Easter). This deposit will be deducted from your total account which is payable at admission.