Flower Water Fountain 3 Litre with LED Light Indicator

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Catit has revolutionized the simple pet fountain by introducing a fountain with different flow settings – gentle flow, bubbling top, and calm stream and, now, with an LED night light and water level indicator.

The Flower Fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.

The Catit Flower Fountain includes a dual-action water softening filter (refill sets available separately). The filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water, while also retaining stray hairs, sediment and debris.

Tune the water streams: If your cat prefers drinking from long streams of water, simply give the flower accessory a little twist and lift it to increase the length of the water streams.


  • 3 water flow settings for picky drinkers
  • The petal top enables your cat to drink even when the fountain is turned off
  • Fountains stimulate drinking
  • Features handy water level indicator window with LED nightlight
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Large 3 litre water reservoir
  • The handy water level indicator window lights up with a gentle glow to guide your cat in the darkness.
  • Whisker stress-free surface at comfortable height for adults and kittens
  • Low powered and long lasting electric pump (3.5W)
  • Multi-filter included
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern look matches other Catit 2.0 products
  • Includes Triple Action Filter for clean water at all times
  • BPA-free (all components excluding adapter)