Deodorising Wipes For Dogs

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Each pack contains ten 65 gram dog wipes that are generously sized and nicely scented. Use them to remove doggy stinky stuff or just for a general clean-up in between shampoos.

Byotrol is an amazing new antimicrobial technology available exclusively to the pet industry through the ByoFresh range. Like many of today’s products ByoFresh products kill 99.99% of germs and viruses, but that’s where the similarities end as Byotrol can do a whole lot more. 

Firstly, Byotrol keeps working wet and dry, creating a microscopic barrier on any surface, actively killing germs for days not minutes; long after today’s products stop. Secondly, though deadly to germs, Byotrol is harmless to all other living things. Meaning it is ultra gentle on humans and pets around your home and theirs.

No other technology can deliver this combination of protection and gentleness.