Beautiful Swarovski Shimmer Lead


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Rogue Royalty “Shimmer”
Slimline Leather and Swarovski Crystal Dog Lead

Hand made Premium quality genuine leather double ply lead with solid Swarovski Stones embedded into the lead. The quality stones are securely fitted by hand into premium quality leather and fittings made from solid steel, the craftsmanship of this lead ensures it will last for years to come. If your tired of buying ‘bling’ lead that fall apart in a matter of weeks then this lead is for you.

Will this lead last?
Only “new customers” ask this because those have bought a Rogue Royalty lead understand and experience first hand, our exceptional quality. Our dog
leads are worn by show dogs, sporting dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs  and everyday house companions. WE DO NOT USE PU LEATHER – ALL FITTINGS ARE STAINLESS STEEL. PU “leather” is a composite material and we only use premium quality bridle leather and soft leather for the inside lining for your dogs comfort.

The swarovski stones are set tightly into the leather and secured at the back with steel fittings.

This leather dog lead is fully padded with soft leather on the inner and premium full grain bridle leather on the outside.  Black Shimmer

Pink Shimmer


Warranty Information

Our products come with a Rogue Royalty Warranty. Our quality items are made with painstaking attention to detail with finest materials and finishing. At times incidents occur, genuine mistakes are made and we’re sorry – we always do our best to make it right.

We’re not into gimmicks or fancy marketing tricks. We invest our time and energy into gear that speaks for itself. So put us to the test!

If you receive this item and you are not 100% completely satisfied with it’s quality please send it back and we will refund the entire amount of your purchase and freight.

If your product breaks contact us. Previously we had a trust policy with no questions asked. So on the rare occassion it did happen, we replaced goods immediatley. We’d still be doing it today were it not for a few individuals and sadly it put and end to that.

We genuinely and sincerely value each customer as part of the Rogue Royalty family and we promise to always look after everyone. In doing so, there are some who confuse goodwill, honesty and integrity with naivety – we humbly request that you don’t.

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Black, Pink