Catit Speed Circuit


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Catit Cat Senses Speed Circuit Illuminated Roller Balls Track Toy For Cats is a Fast Fun Unique Way To Keep Your Cat Busy All Day and Night

  • Fun, fast toy with an assortment of motions, colours and sounds to stimulate your cat mentally and physically
  • Perfect way to keep your cat entertained and appeal to their natural hunting instincts
  • Peek-a-boo style track allows your cat to see, chase and bat the ball around the track
  • Colourful bright coloured balls attract cats to play
  • The ball makes gentle rolling sounds as they roll through the tunnels
  • Dual-play action provides ongoing focused enjoyment
  • Single-touch propulsion allows the balls to move with a flick of a cat’s paw
  • Provides focused stimulation and prevents your cat from getting up to mischief in the house or outside environment
  • The toy includes one ball which sits on the tube track
  • The top part of the tube is open at four different areas where your cat can swipe and poke the ball so it moves around the tube
  • The ball lights up when batted which adds excitement to play
  • Interior slopes provide natural variance to ball movement
  • Easy to clean and can be separated, washed and air dried
  • The toy sparks curiosity and providing endless fun
  • Perfect size for home living
  • Very durable with a solid base, and partially opened clear cover
  • Bright fun colours
  • Suitable for cats and kittens
  • Can be linked to other Catit Senses units for a fun, changeable play centre
  • Includes 1 solid white round base, clear half open top for instinctive style play, directions for use, and 1 ‘catch me if you can’ interior glow ball


  • 5.3cm tall
  • Ball: 3.5cm diameter

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