Catit Super Roller Circuit


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It has 8 full alternating interlocking sections filled with fun and an illuminated ball that your cat can swipe at through large openings that is sure to keep your cats focused on pet appropriate play (not the couch), for hours of the day! The ball lights up when it zips through the track like a rollercoaster and is perfect at night as it flashes red.

Move it around, rearrange it, keep kitty on her toes!


  • Interior slopes – Gives natural variance to ball movement.
  • Washable – Can be separated into 8 separate pieces, washed and left to air dry.
  • Sensible Size – Designed to fit with other Catit Senses toys.
  • Dual pet ready – Larger size is perfect for one, two, or even three cats, giving you and your pet(s) entertainment and fun!
  • Illumination Motion-Activated Ball – Helps focus your pet on pet specific toys and not on you during undesirable hours. The right toy for the pet with ‘play with me at 3am’ syndrome.
  • Can be linked to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre.

INCLUDES: 8 solid plastic interlocking bases, 1 motion activated illuminated ball, and 8 clear blue partial covers (for “catch me if you can”, safe pet fun).

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