Frolicat Pounce – Interactive Cat Toy


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Meet the FroliCat Pounce–a rotating game of hide-and-seek with a mouse that zips around unpredictably – back, forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles and twitching all over the place.

Watch the mouse run around the track in random patterns – perfect for one cat, or multiple cats.


  •  Four speed and movement settings
  •  Cats chase electronic mouse around the circular path
  •  Unpredictable movement patterns keep your cat’s attention
  •  Turns off automatically after 10 minutes or manually with on/off button
  •  Soft plastic won’t hurt your kitty’s paws
  •  Stylish design – don’t hide it!
  •  Gift boxed!

Erratic and Unpredictable (and that means fun for you, too!)
The Pounce has four speed and movement settings to keep your cat entertained. Speed the mouse up , low him down, or have him move back and forth.

A happy, entertained cat means kitty’s attention will not be focused on your furniture!

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