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Cat Collar, Glowcat

by Rogz

They say that every dog has it’s day, but cats have nine lives! And to ensure that Catz around the globe enjoy every one of those nine, Rogz have extended their wardrobe to ensure they have some cool options too.

There’s nothing worse than an icky cat on a fun night out, or a tacky tomcat on the prowl. So make sure your cat has a highly fashionable Rogz Cat Collar to avoid any shameful encounters.

The Glowcat Collar is manufactured using reflective and glow in the dark materials. The highly reflective materials ensure maximum visibility in the headlights of a car to increase the safety of any night exploring cat. And the glow in the dark materials will entertain you and allow you to follow the movements of your cat in total darkness.

The Glowcat collar features Rogz wrap around label which is an icon of quality and guarantees attention to detail. It features a comical Gecko print which looks absolutely fabulous on.

The collar features contoured plastic components. Because cats do not have square necks Rogz use rounded components to ensure that every cat collar fits snug and comfortably on your cat. The Glowcat Collar also features a variable load SafeLoc buckle which is unique only to Rogz. It allows you to easily adjust the break away load of the buckle. You can increase the buckle’s holding strength so fewer collars are lost, especially with active cats. Safety is still the priority so the buckle will still break free if placed under too much strain.


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