Hills Feline RD Weight Reduction Cat Food




Hills Prescription Diet RD is formulated to help overweight and obese cats lose weight.

Hills Prescription Diet r/d is high in fibre and low in calories to help your cat lose weight. It contains therapeutic levels of l-carnitine to encourage fat burning and maintain lean muscle mass. R/d is formulated with a unique fibre blend which helps keep your cat full between meals. Reducing hunger between meals helps prevent begging and food stealing behaviour, to keep your cats weight loss program on track. R/d has been clinically proven to safely reduce body fat in cats by 20% over 2 months. R/d also contains clinically proven antioxidants to support your cats immune system while he or she loses weight.

Key Benefits:
  • High in fibre and low in calories
  • Helps keep your pet feeling full between meals
  • L-carnitine to encourage fat burning and maintain lean muscle mass
  • Clinically proven to reduce body fat by 22% in 2 months
  • Contains clinically proven antioxidants

Additional information

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Dry – 1.8kg, Dry – 3.9kg, Wet – 24 x 156g


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