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Catlax is a gentle laxative paste for the treatment and control of hairballs in cats.

Registered Name Cat-Lax Feline Laxative
Composition Each 70 g contains soft white paraffin 31.1 g, beeswax yellow 2.1 g, malt syrup 33.2 g, lecithin 1.4 g, cod liver oil 1.13 g, caramel 0.42 g, biotin 0.0056 g.
Actions Soft white paraffin is a lubricant; cod liver oil is a laxative and contains vitamins A and D. Lecithin is an antioxidant that increases intestinal absorption. This formula replaces fat soluble vitamins which may be poorly absorbed during laxative treatment.
Indications Cat laxative.
Dosage and Administration Place directly in mouth, or on paw to be licked off. Use 2 to 3 cm for an average weight adult cat.
Hairball prevention: administer two to three times weekly; hairball removal: administer once daily.
Presentation Paste: 70 g.

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