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Get your cat to use a Scratching Post INSTEAD of the Furniture!

New from Aristopet is Cat Lover No Scratch Spray, a spray formulated to discourage the pet cat from destructive behaviour.
It’s quite natural for a cat to scratch furniture, bedding or other valuable items in an attempt to keep their claws sharp, often doing serious damage in the process.

Cat Lover No Scratch Spray contains a blend of essential oils that discourage cats from scratching the treated area. No Scratch Spray has a mild odour, which is pleasant to humans but obnoxious to cats.

We also recommend using a Cat Scratching Post in conjunction with No Scratch Spray to accommodate your cats natural instinct to scratch and claw. One of the reasons cats scratch is to deposit a familiar scent, its your cat’s way of marking its territory. Cats can’t resist sinking their claws into the rough surface of a scratching post. Start by placing the scratching post as close a possible to the article you want to stop your cat scratching. Once your cat starts using the scratching post gradually move it (over a period of days) to a more desirable position.

Cats, being cats, we do make some disclaimers with the product (see label) where we advise that some habits may be hard to break.

250mL – Low Toxicity, Herbal Formula Prevents Cat-astrophes!

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