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It’s time to end the shameful and cruel treatment of our companion animals, who are suffering on puppy factories and need our help.

Break the puppy trade. Don't buy from pet stores

Oscar’s law is a very simple campaign: it enables everyone to make a stand and tell the Government that “We do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore” and “We no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals”.

You can help fight the genocide in Australia’s pounds, promote rescue organisations and shelters as the first option to adopting, and change the way Australians gets their pets. Adoption is the intelligent alternative to impulse buying. No puppy factory whether it is ‘clean’, ‘model’, ‘state of the art’ or otherwise is the answer for mans best friend.

Who is Oscar?

Oscar was one of a number of dogs who were rescued from a puppy factory in central Victoria where they had been neglected to the point they required urgent veterinary care. The list of ailments the dogs suffered was extensive, including:

Severe matting — the dogs had to be sedated in order to shave their painful matted fur away from their skin; ear infections; gum disease; and rotten teeth.

Once their matted fur was shaved it was evident that painful grass seed abscesses covered their bodies. The dogs were so severely malnourished their irritated skin was like paper and they were grossly underweight.

Days later and recovering from surgery, Oscar was returned by authorities to the very people who failed to provide veterinary care and neglected all their dogs including Oscar. They have never been charged with cruelty.

On July 9th 2011, 18 months after being returned to the puppy factory Oscar was saved once again. His recovery has been gradual given the psychological and physical trauma he has endured for 5 years of his life.

Oscar is safe but there are still thousands of ‘Oscars’ hidden away on factory farms treated as breeding machines to supply the pet industry and they need you to be their voice.



Kids Oscar’s Law Tshirt

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Size 10 Chest 42.5 cm, Size 12 Chest 45 cm, Size 14 Chest 47.5 cm, Size 16 Chest 50 cm, Size 4 Chest 35cm, Size 6 Chest 37.5 cm, Size 8 Chest 40 cm


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