Pidan Range – Cat Teaser Feather Accessories



Keep the fun going for your cat with the Pidan Cat Teaser Add-On Trio of Feathers Accessories!

If your cat’s Pidan Cat Feather Teaser Toy is in need of new feathers, the Pidan Trio of Feathers Add-On Accessories lets you replace old or broken feathers without having to buy a completely new toy. You can make your cat’s favourite Pidan Cat Teaser last longer with this 3-pack feather replacement!

Each feather attachment is made with authentic goose feathers that have been hand-dyed with non-chemical water dyes to make the feathers beautiful and colourful to attract your cat’s attention. The colours used pay a tribute to the endangered Nicobar pigeon. The Trio of Feathers Pack is compatible with all Pidan Cat Teaser Toys.


  • Pack of 3 luxurious hand-dyed goose feathers for replacing your cat’s favourite feather teaser
  • Hand-dyed with safe, non-chemical dyes to mimic the colourful feathers of an extinct bird, the Nicobar pigeon
  • Lightweight and versatile – completely compatible with all Pidan cat teaser toys
  • Awakens your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and chase and keeps them active
  • Replacement/refill feathers for cat teaser toys


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