Pidan Range – Modular Catube Tunnel



Keep the fun going for your cat with the Pidan Modular Catube Tunnel

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019, the Pidan Catube’s imaginary design features quality you can trust. A Unique tunnel Carpet, it is soft and shapeable, an interactive entertainment space for cats with a tough double-layered structure. That means it will withstand kitty claws!

Flattened down, the Catube can be used as a lounge bed. And it’s super simple to put together and form arches by simply adjusting the top layer. You’re also free to move the pieces around. There are four earth-toned squares, joined with strong velcro at the bottom (so it won’t hurt sensitive paws and noses).

Every felt piece is an independent unit, which is exquisitely cut and equipped with firm hook and loop. The design allows random combinations and infinite extensions. The soft and thick eco-felt has excellent wear resistance and can be cleaned simply with a vacuum.


  • Four pieces for multiple possibilities.
  • Each single unit of the product can be used independently.
  • Two-layer felt structure that can use as a floor mat, and curved to form a tunnel playground.
  • Tunnels encourage cat’s natural instincts to explore and hide.
  • Strong velcro hook and loop fasteners at the bottom to join pieces.
  • Made of extra-thick superior synthetic felt wool, which is soft, thick, durable, and easy to take care.
  • Modern design and colours to suit your home.
  • Suits single or multi-cat households


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