Pidan Range – Roly Poly Cat Teaser




Keep your cat active and entertained all day long even when you’re away from home with the Pidan Roly Poly Wobbling Cat Teaser Feather Toy!

Worried that your cat is taking too many cat naps during the day or want to make sure your cat stays entertained while you’re busy or away from home? The Pidan Roly Poly Wobbling Cat Teaser Toy is just what you need to make everyday fun for your pet.

This unique and innovative cat teaser toy features a raindrop shape that wobbles and rolls in unpredictable movements to keep your cat’s interest and entice them to play. It’s a stand-alone, self-balancing cat toy that keeps your cat occupied and active all day long! The feather top is made with natural goose feathers that awaken your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and chase prey while the jingling bells capture your cat’s attention.

You can replace the feathers or use other Pidan Add-On Accessories to create a variety of entertaining cat teaser toys with the Roly Poly. The stunning gradient colours add a touch of elegance and luxury to this cat toy. The Pidan Roly Poly is available in Blue and Pink colours.


  • Unique stand-alone cat teaser that rolls and wobbles for endless entertainment
  • Features natural goose feathers that awaken your cat’s instincts to hunt and chase
  • Feather head has 2 small bells that jingle to capture your cat’s attention
  • Top can be changed with other compatible Pidan Cat Teaser Add-On Accessories for versatility
  • Creative raindrop shape that helps make the teaser move in unpredictable patterns
  • Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials – sun-proof and free of tarnishing and yellowing
  • Great to have for multiple cats to stay active and entertained while you’re away from home
  • Designed together with a renowned Australian design studio
  • No batteries required!

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Blue, Pink


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