Pidan Range – Shake Shake Cat Teaser Wand




Never worry that your cat will be bored while you’re away from home with the Pidan Shake-Shake Suction-Cup Cat Teaser Feather Wand!

Even when you’re busy or away from home, your cat won’t be bored when they have the Pidan Shake-Shake Teaser Toy! This innovative cat teaser wand features a strong suction-cup base that sticks on flat and smooth surfaces, such as glass and hardwood floors, and becomes a stand-alone interactive pet toy that your cat can play with all day long.

The durable, yet flexible, wand bends and bounces to create unpredictable movements to entice your cat to play while the feathers flutter and capture your cat’s attention. Your cat can bat and claw at the feathers and satisfy their innate instincts to hunt and chase prey. The natural goose feathers are water-dyed and no chemicals were used, making them perfectly safe for your cat to play with.

The feather top is also replaceable and can be switched with other Pidan Add-On Cat Teaser Accessories for versatile and exciting play. You can get multiple Shake-Shake Cat Teaser Wands and use different attachments (sold separately) for each one; place the different wands around the house for your cat to find and use any time they want! The entertainment possibilities are endless with this cleverly constructed cat teaser wand toy.


  • Interactive stand-alone cat teaser wand toy to entertain your cat when you’re away
  • Features a strong suction-cup base that sticks on flat, smooth surfaces for hands-free play
  • Attaches to glass, smooth hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, and other surfaces
  • Designed to keep your cat happy and occupied even alone at home
  • Durable, yet flexible, carbon fibre wand that bends and bounces for more movement
  • Water-dyed natural goose feathers on tip of wand that awaken your cat’s natural instincts
  • Interchangeable top and can be used with other Pidan Cat Teaser Add-On Accessories
  • No dye chemicals used and safe for cats to play with
  • Feathers are replaceable for never-ending fun
  • Great for all cats to enjoy

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