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Boss Cat Placemat

This designer placemat will help keep mealtimes stress-free, food area tidy and spillage free. Durable, anti-bacterial rubber and has an anti-slide grip.

The United Pets Boss Cat Mat Black is a designer pet mat that will help to keep mealtimes stress-free and tidy. This cat food bowl placemat helps to keep your cat s food area tidy and spillage free, is made from durable anti-bacterial rubber, and remains in place with an anti-slide grip. The key features of the United Pets Boss Cat placemat are:

  • Perfect for keeping your pet s food area clean and tidy.
  • Made from high-quality durable polypropylene and thermoplastic.
  • Anti-slide to ensures your pet s bowls remains firmly in place.
  • Black rubber with cat detail design.
  • Antibacterial and non-toxic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: 44.8cm x 30cm.

The United Pets Boss Cat Mat avalible in multiple colours to suite your decor!

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1999, United Pets works with designers to create original, high quality pet products. They are committed to these products being reasonably priced but at the same time highly functional and stylish.

Benifits of having a placemat for your cats food bowls

Here are 5 benefits of having a cat food mat with a lip like the WooPet cat placemat:

  1. Protects your floors – If you have hardwood floors where you feed your pet, then more than likely over time with wet food or spilled water, there could be damage to your floors.  This pet placemat helps to protect floors.
  2. Makes clean-up a lot easier – Since stuck on food pops easily off the silicone mat, it makes clean-up a breeze.  Whereas before I had to scratch to get it off my tile floor
  3. Safe – this one is 100% food grade silicon is non-toxic, non-allergenic.
  4. Helps Food Bowls Stay in Place – the bowls can’t be slid around on top of the mat – of course, they can be knocked over depending on the bowl used.
  5. Mat Stays in Place – designed bump surface, non-slip grip under pet mat so that the pet feeding station stay in place.

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