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Royal Canin Feline Indoor

Royal Canin Feline Indoor is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs of your indoor adult cat.

This premium dry cat food is made from highly digestible ingredients to improve digestion for less active indoor cats and reduce stool odour. Royal Canin Feline Indoor contains an adapted calorie content to aid weight management, preventing excess weight gain, as well as a combination of specific fibres to allow hair to be naturally eliminated from the gastrointestinal tract, reducing hairball formation.

  • Designed specifically for indoor adult cats
  • Highly digestible ingredients for reduced stool odour
  • Adapted calorie content to prevent excess weight gain
  • Contains specific fibres to reduce hairball formation
  • Suitable for adult cats from 1 to 7 years that live indoors

Why is Royal Canin one of the best foods you can feed your cat?

  1. 50 Years of research and development go into creating a Royal Canin diet.
  2. Royal Canin diets are Complete and Balanced. A balanced, high quality diet can actually increase their life expectancy! The nutrients in each Royal Canin diet are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual animal. Protein, fat, carbohydrate, energy, vitamin and mineral levels are all carefully balanced.
  3. High quality ingredients provide the nutrients your pet needs. Pet foods often have an ingredients list and a nutritional analysis available on the packaging. It is important to understand that ingredients and nutrients are very different things!
    Ingredients and nutrients are both very important, however it is the nutrient (e.g. protein) that is vital to the body’s needs, not the ingredient (e.g. chicken). The quality of a diet should not be determined by the ingredient list. Super Premium quality diets ensure the correct ingredients are selected to provide the optimal nutrient blend for your pet.
    No single ingredient is superior to another; the sum of all ingredients in a diet delivers the overall nutritional profile. The quality of the ingredients may however differ between diets, and can help explain the price difference between a super premium diet and a more economical product. The better the quality of the ingredient selected in a diet, the easier it is for the cat or dog to absorb and use the nutrients.
  4. Royal Canin foods are highly palatable
    Royal Canin diets are carefully designed right down to different kibble shapes and wet food textures to appeal to even the fussiest of pets. There is even a money back guarantee, if your pet doesn’t enjoy their new bag of Royal Canin simply return it to the store it was purchased from for a full refund.
  5. Royal Canin diets cater for every life stage. From development and growth, to adulthood and old age, diets in the extensive Royal Canin range contain every nutrient that pets need at their different life stages. Some Royal Canin ranges also have targeted nutrients that can help with specific health sensitivities such as gastrointestinal, skin and weight issues. Royal Canin Breed Ranges are even more specific and have nutrients that focus on the health issues experienced by different breeds.
  6. Quality in means less quantity out!
    Royal Canin diets are highly digestible – this means better quality and fewer stools for owners to clean up! Continuing a new puppy or kitten on their current Royal Canin diet will also reduce digestive stress and upset, helping them to transition to their new home more easily.

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