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Adult Original

Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Advanced Fitness Originalprovides precisely balanced nutrition to maintain advanced fitness for your dog. It contains a precise balance of essential nutrients and clinically proven antioxidants to maintain overall health and a strong immune system. It also has controlled levels of phosphorus to help maintain kidney and heart healt

Key Benefits

Recommended For

Adult dogs 1 – 6 years of age.

Not Recommended For

Puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs, or mature adult dogs.

Other Products to Consider

Hill’s® Science Diet® is available in a wide variety of dry foods for your dog’s unique needs, and canned foods, with many delicious flavors your dog will love.

Key Benefits Table

Superior Antioxidant Formula higher level of vitamins E + C versus major competitive brands.
A powerful combination of antioxidants helps keep the immune system healthy.
Antioxidants are known to counteract cellular oxidation.
High-Quality Protein Helps maintain strong bones and lean muscles.
Chicken is a great protein source and the #1 ingredient in the dry formulas.
Nourishing Fatty Acids Help maintain proper function of nervous and immune systems, as well as promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Digestible Carbohydrates Supply abundant energy for adult dogs.
Vitamins and Minerals Provide an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals for adult dogs.
Naturally Preserved Mixed tocopherols (a form of vitamin E) preserve freshness and great taste.
Kibble Size Original and Small Bites provide appropriate sizes for different breeds.

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