Tunnel – Gorgeous Shabby Chic Floral




Tunnel – Gorgeous Shabby Chic Floral

  • Enhance your cat’s environment with this beautifully designed tunnel
  • Provides your cat with a place to relax and hide
  • Stimulates play and healthy exercise
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Great for sleeping inside
  • The inside is made of soft, cosy plush material making it warm and comforting
  • Crinkle noise will entice your cat and encourage play
  • Contains a dangling soft and fluffy mouse head from a piece of string which provides physical and mental stimulation
  • Nice floral design with chic colours (we will choose a colour and pattern at random to surprise you!)
  • Hours of exciting fun
  • Perfect for cats of all ages



  • 47.5cm length
  • 24cm diameter

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Cream, Pink


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