Jungle Gym

Our fabulous Jungle Gym

Weather you have an adventurous cat or a geriatric feline who would benefit from stretching their legs, Fear not, our unique jungle gym is ready to accommodate all the needs of the liveliest or oldest of cats!


Your cat can have as many exercise days as they would like to keep mobile, active and play during their holiday. Our fabulous gym provides individual exercise time – cats are never mixed together to ensure their safety and welfare are considered at all times.


The gym is cleaned and sanitized in between each guest and our cat carers will always ensure your cat has an enjoyable time in the optional jungle gym rooms.


If your cat requests that he or she is not up for a session in the gym than we will never for a cat to play. Our mantra is to always respect the cats needs and wishes. If we feel your cat would not enjoy or benefit from a session in the gym than we will spend the extra time in their room providing TLC therapy instead”