Luxury Cat Lodge

$75 per day: INCLUDES additional cats and FREE Jungle Gym!

Did somebody say luxury? We have luxury waiting for your cat/s with these gorgeous double sized rooms. Not only do your cats get the special opportunity to view birds or sun bake, they can enjoy double the space with all the comforts they could need.

The huge room has floor to ceiling space with a mezzanine level and vertical nooks to snooze and lounges to laze about.

Free Jungle Gym!

Size: 2.3 metres wide, 2 metres deep and 2.8 metres high

Click Here to view Our fabulous Jungle Gym

Weather you have an adventurous cat or a geriatric feline who would benefit from stretching their legs, Fear not, our unique jungle gym is ready to accommodate all the needs of the liveliest or oldest of cats!