Luxury Verandah Cat Lodge

$90 per day + $18 each additional cat (Dual key 20% discount)

Treat your cat to all the bells and whistles as a prestigious cat holiday does not get better than this! The Luxury Veranda Cat Lodge has everything in it for your cat to write home about. They may never want to leave!

Your cat will be completely spoilt for choice on where to spend their day. These gorgeous Luxury Veranda Rooms have the indoor comforts of huge floor to ceiling walls, mezzanine level with vertical spaces, hidey nooks and lounges but they also offer your cat the choice to head outside and take in the views of the picture perfect mountains! Your cat will be able to get some fresh coastal air and come back more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Size: 1.3 metres wide, 3 metres deep and 2.8 metres high