Maxi Condos

$50 per night + $20 each additional cat

Double size multi-level main living quarters with ensuite bathroom. Separate bedroom to comfortably sleep couples or families.

Most advanced air conditioning & ventilation in Australia!

Includes room cleaning services with kisses & cuddles all day.


Jungle Exercise Gym

$10 – Individual exercise time with some extra TLC from cattery carers. Never mixed time with other cats. Toys, tunnels, ladders, real trees… Every cats dream adventure!

Click here to view our fabulous optional extra – Jungle Gym

Whether you have an adventurous cat or a geriatric feline who would benefit from stretching their legs, Fear not, our unique jungle gym is ready to accommodate all the needs of the liveliest or oldest of cats! Your cat can have as many exercise days as they would like to keep mobile, active and play during their holiday.