Recommended by Jo, Owner of Tina & Tinka, January 2014

We had two separate holidays for our 16 yr old cats. Each 2-3 weeks. They had not been on a holiday away from home for many years. They were happy healthy and relaxed after their time with the very lovely calm but happy staff at Divine Creatures. Our old ladies will be having another holiday in the months to come!

Recommended by Elizabeth, Owner of Sylvester & Daisy, December 2013


I just wanted to give you some feedback following our initial inspection visit to your Divine Creatures facility. Your team members are extremely helpful and understanding.  This has provided me a good level of comfort and confidence that my two children, in specific Sylvester will be well taken care of during their forthcoming stay with you and your team.

Additionally, I am very impressed with the design and set up of accommodation.  All are immaculate, good hygienic, pristine and spotless.  This is important for my children during their stay.  There is no other accommodation that can remotely match yours in Sydney! You really have put in lots of your energy, love and understanding to your facility and company. Thanking you in advance for your thoughtful and kind support to us.  I truly feel confident that both of them will be in good care from you and your team.

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