Recommended by Cindy, Owner of Pilot & Knight, January 2019

We would highly recommend this to all Cat lovers!

Personally, I would highly recommend this place to all cat owners, who are either planning for a short trip overseas or looking for a safe place for their Cat(s) to stay or both. It is really more than just a safe place for your cats to stay. I’m recommending this to everyone, mostly because I know there would be a lot of professionals (both in store and at the hotel), who really knows how to take care of cats.

We all know that every cat is special, and their personalities and tolerance of adjusting towards a new environment also may vary. If your cat is rather sensitive and reserved like one of my Cats (Pilot), chances are your little one might be stressed out and might not eat as much. And might even lose a little bit weight. But this wouldn’t be an issue in the long run.

And that is why it is so important for these people here at Devine creatures to constantly check on your cats by loving and really looking after them.

Another thing (or more) that I would highly suggest, in case if it’s your first time boarding your cat(s) in, would be the following:

– If you have a bottle of the ‘Cat relaxation spray’, spray on to the basket/carrier. And then bring it with you. Use it when necessary, because it will really assist in relaxing your cat and avoiding any confusions that you are leaving them. Ultimately, if you don’t have it, you can grab one from the pet store.

– Bring their favorite food and toys. Just so the professional carers can play with them and keep them entertained.

– Don’t freak out or get very emotional when you take your little precious furball to the Cat hotel. Because the last thing we want is to confuse the little that you are leaving them forever. It’s just a short trip and you will be back with them in no time. Tell them that. Trust me. They will know.

All in all, apart from the above recommendations, I really hoped that my suggestions may help you in some way.

Happy Boarding! 🙂